Friday, March 10, 2017

We suffer

Storms stomped through last night. Caillou, the wonder collie, has ears like a bat. Long before we heard the thunder rolling in the distance, he came into our bedroom from his bed in our office. He tried jumping onto the bed between Jilda and me. 

I pushed him down before he launched upward and spoke to him in gentle hushed tones.

As the storm slammed ever closer, I knew he would be inconsolable. I slipped out of bed with Caillou making every step with me. In our doggie medicine cabinet, I found the Benedryl. Measuring a small amount into the medicine syringe (no needle), I squirted the drug into his mouth.

It takes a while for it to take effect, so I took my pillow to the great room. Lying down on the couch, I coaxed him beside me on the floor. It took a lot of petting and hushed tones of praise to get him settled down.

The storm moved through, and when the thunder subsided, he went to sleep.

When we got up this morning for coffee, he hadn't moved from the spot where I left him. 

When we poured our coffee and sat down on the couch, he opened his eyes. I'm sure his head felt like a sponge from the medication. He was happy to see the morning sun peeping through the glass of the front window. 

This evening as we finished our walk, I heard a jet whispering across the sky dragging a string of cotton yarn behind it. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a picture. I had to squat with protesting knees to get the plane and the sunset in the frame. It hurt. But we all suffer for our art :)


  1. Poor pup, but you are a good dog provider.

  2. We once had a dog that completely freaked out when it stormed!
    One thing about spring you never know what kind of weather we might get!But you handled it really sweetly!

  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I'm glad Caillou finally relaxed. Beautiful shot!!

  4. Chubbs is afraid of thunder too but he's much smaller than Caillou so he can fit on the bed if needed! You're a good dog owner to help him through the storm. Your photo is beautiful! Even on sore knees!

  5. We had a German Shepherd who was terrified of thunder. She would leap into the nearest lap. Yay you for calming your poor pup.
    Love that photo - suffering worthwhile.

  6. Oh poor Cailou, sometimes he needs a dog's best friend.
    I wonder if a dark blanket put over him to hide under would make him feel safer and a piece of your unwashed clothing that has your sent on it to rest his head on would help to take his mind of the storm.
    Beautiful sunset. I like how the ribbon clouds are weaving upward in the sky.
    Enjoy your weekend. We set our clocks ahead tonight.

  7. Poor dog. Our dog is sensitive to noise too. A nearby lightning strike a few years ago has soured her on storms. She was frantic from the noise.

  8. Poor sweet Caillou! You're such a good pup-papa to comfort him.
    Great image!

  9. Ah yes, what a beautiful sunset the last two days. Sherry tried to get the sunset on her phone, but before we found an opening it was gone. Ahhhh, you are such an easy dog-daddy. SWEET!

  10. Most pet owners wouldn't have gone to such effort to calm their animal. Good for you.

  11. Caring for dogs = saint
    Suffering for art = martyr
    All the best Rick. I'm voting to put you on the Saints & Martyrs calendar!

    1. It is a great pic, BTW!

    2. Thanks Charles. You are too kind.

    3. Years ago our dog would sleep under the bed and was happy there. Much better than being in the bed, but then if it was a thunderstorm, we'd have 3 or 4 kids in bed too. Glad the weather cleared and you got those beautiful blue skies!

  12. This made me think of our first dog Dot Dot she would go get into bed with Jessica when we had a storm if she wasn't already in bed with her

  13. Anonymous6:36 PM

    That is a gorgeous picture, well worth the knee aches!


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