Saturday, March 04, 2017

They must know something

It was down in the 20s (F) last night, but once the sun crested over the hollow, it chased the frost away.

The temps rose rapidly throughout the morning and by the time we'd finished our coffee and our morning chores,  our walk was quite pleasant. I wore sweatpants and a short sleeve shirt, but Jilda wore her jacket.

The day had warmed enough that the blueberry blossoms were covered in bees. The worked as if there wasn't a moment to lose. Now that is what I call purpose.

After the walk, I pulled our wrought iron chairs from the table and dragged it to the edge of the deck so that I could sit and feel the warm sun on my face. I saw something flit across the edge of my peripheral range of my left eye. Snapping my face in that direction, I could see nothing. I stood and walked to the edge of the deck and there on the ground trying to eat some of the scraps we'd tossed out to the chickens was a butterfly. I don't recall ever seeing one this early in the year.

Stealthily stepping down from the deck, I crept closer to the small butterfly. It had the markings of a swallowtail butterfly, but it was white and black. It was the first one I'd ever seen like it.

Before the day ended, we saw other butterflies down in the garden. Maybe they know something we don't about the changing of the seasons.


  1. Yogi Berra might say, "It stays early later these days."

  2. It is one of those times, "I wish I 'KNOWED' what they know!" Sounds like a nice Saturday!

  3. I am pretty certain that plants, insects, birds and animals OFTEN know more than we do.

    1. Anonymous12:17 AM

      They know EVERYTHING they need to know!!

  4. There's so much man has yet to learn from our winged and furry friends. I'm always aghast when someone says, 'dumb animals.' I think not!

  5. I agree, those little butterflies are smart. They don't worry about the future and react to mother nature's call.

    Here the weather keeps vacillating between warm temperatures to freezing. This morning was so cold and windy and the pipes were frozen in my end of the barn.
    I needed a heat gun to thaw the pipes and a few water bowl. No butterflies yet.
    Have a nice week.

  6. That looks like it might be a zebra swallowtail. I haven't seen any around here.

  7. It's so exciting when the season's change. Soon, the time will too. I'll enjoy the brighter mornings for one more week I guess!

  8. Butterflies won't like it if the weather turns cold again.

  9. Butterflies are pretty generally speaking just saying because that is what popped into my head, the weather is turning cold here of a morning but we are in Autumn here so to be expected

  10. What a wonderful experience! Love the photo!


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