Tuesday, March 07, 2017


The sky was ash gray when I left for work this morning. On the way down, I had to flip on my wipers. There was not much rain at first and my new blades squawked because there was more dry space than wet to be wiped, but that soon changed. By the time I pulled into the parking space about 7:30, the blades were sweeping gallons of water off the windshield.

Standing at my office window, I twisted the clear acrylic rod hanging from the top of the window to open the blinds a little more so that I could get a better view of the courtyard from my desk.

A student scurried from the admin building under an umbrella. A gust of wind whipped out of the south and I thought it might be a Mary Poppins moment but she ran for the cover of the portico. It rained all day.

There was no chance for a good photograph, so as I often do, I went to the archives.

I came across this picture of me in front of an Orvis store, but for the life of me, I could not remember where it was taken. When I looked at the metadata, it said the picture was taken October 22, 2011. Still no idea.

On a whim, I looked back through my blog posts from October 2011 and I saw it was taken in Apex, North Carolina. I'd driven Jilda up there for Yoga Warrior training. That was a specialized session that taught her how to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in soldiers returning from Afghanistan. 

After classes one day, we drove around exploring. When I saw the Orvis store, we had to go in. They have all kinds of fishing stuff. I bought several flies, some tippet, and a hat.

Having a historical reference is another great reason to blog every day.  Life is often mundane at times and it goes by fast. We don't always do things that will make the world a better place, sometimes we do something as simple as buying a new hat. But even this is one of the small threads that make up this wacky tapestry of our lives.


  1. And a reminder that the tapestries of our lives are interconnected.
    Rain? Send some down here. Please.

  2. It rained here most of the day too. I think this is a wonderful thing that your wife learned about to help soldiers dealing with ptsd.

  3. Wind has been our weather for two days. Now they say a couple of days of snow are coming. Ah Spring!

  4. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Cute picture!!

  5. I often go to my iPhoto library and to my blog to find about dates but I still remember most events as if they were yesterday. I have difficulty remembering what year some events happened as they all seem to not that long ago. I have no concept of time.
    Years are like 6 months, months are like 2 weeks and weeks are like only 3 or 4 days. Time is flying by so fast for me.

    It's raining here too. Yes, cute picture...

  6. Yes it is amazing how much living goes into a life, the wandering at times loses me, thankfully my girl is a storehouse of memories ans has an 'index'. My memories have no index. My life was woven by a 'crazy' weaver.
    Ahhh, Apex NC, how could you forget? ;-)
    Strange (also) this comment stuff. I was using Chrome for some reason this morning and it said 'posting' when I hit enter on my comment, but did not post. I had to switch to Mozilla fire.(drats)

  7. I hadn't thought of my blog as a record to keep track of quickly moving days, but you're right. Great picture, taken on Mrs. Chatterbox's birthday.

  8. Me and photos don't mix, I rarely feel like I look good in one you however do look good

  9. Blogging is a great way to hold memories... I read old posts from time to time and it always brings me back to that moment... pretty cool xox

  10. What a great reference diary you've created!
    Jilda's Yoga Warrior training sounds intriguing, indeed. I'd mention it to my son, but they don't get to B'ham that often except to visit the VA.

  11. "...this wacky tapestry of our lives." I like that, Rick. Great hat too.


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