Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring cleaning phase I

It was cooler here today. The morning began with an overcast sky, and I wondered if it would rain.  But it didn't.

Jilda drove to work, but the regular attendees were no-shows, so she headed home. 
We decided to approach spring chores differently this year. In the past, we chose a day, worked until we were frazzled, and then crashed. Tender knees and sore shoulders have taught us to pace ourselves. So that's what we did today. 

We made a list of all that we need to do and then divided it into chunks. The first piece we worked on today.

It's actually much easier using this approach because we weren't dragging at the end of the day. In fact, I decided to do a little prep work in the yard. 

Firing up the old lawn mower, I cut the backyard. After that, I decided to till up our small garden patch by the fence.  Ol' Hook went out with me to the garden and chased butterflies.

The mower and tiller cranked as expected, so I made short work of the last two chores of the day.

Color me spring-happy. I hope your day has been productive too.


  1. Looks good! We're getting our yard tilled up in the back and reseeded. It has to wait until April and the soil warms up. That could end up being May! Have fun and don't work too hard!

  2. How do you keep critters out of that garden?

  3. We are cooler today too. With blissful rain. Love the work you have done - and admire you for pacing yourself. Something I too often fail.

  4. It's still very much winter here so I shall live through you regarding spring fun

  5. I'm looking forward to the days we will be able to enjoy a little spring. We are not quite there yet.

  6. No spring gardening here yet. Good idea to pace yourself. Little by little it'll all get done.

  7. I used to love the smell of dirt when tilling. Later I also loved the smell of dirt when digging foundations. Love Spring.
    Ol' Hook looks like our Grand dog, Janie!

  8. I envy you for that glorious sunshine.

  9. I need to get started. Our yard needs to be mowed. Its the first mow of the year we dread because once its started, it will have to be done every week till Winter. Hook is checking things over and trying to figure how to dig like that himself. hahaha

  10. It's sixty-eight here, but feels cooler. A misty rain falls.


  11. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I haven't done a damn thing today & that's about as productive as I get lately!!


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