Friday, March 31, 2017

New girlfriend

Our niece Samantha called early this morning in a panic. She had an early appointment to take her dog Lady in to see the vet, but she had to be at work earlier than she'd planned. We live about 20 minutes from civilization so taking the dog back home would make her late. She needed me to follow her to the vet's office and bring Lady home after the checkup. Friday is an off day for me so I told her I'd go.

After the visit, Sam paid the tab and headed to work. Lady was a good girl during the visit, so I decided to give her a treat. 

Instead of heading directly home, I ran through the drive-thru window at Jack's which is a local fast-food restaurant that does breakfast well.  I got me a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and Lady a sausage biscuit. I placed the bag between us as I paid for the food. Lady smelled the bag and was very interested in the contents. 

I pulled into an empty parking space and sorted out the food. When I put the biscuit down in front of her she was SOOOO happy. I snapped a selfie just before we headed home.

I think she's now my new girlfriend.


  1. Lady just may want to stay with you now, that sausage biscuit definitely made you her hero.

  2. I expect she does.
    However, while I got the gist of it: sausage biscuit? sausage, egg and cheese bicuit? Not something we have (or at least not under that name). We have sandwiches and rolls but I am guessing a bicuit is something else. And what we call biscuits I suspect you call cookies.

    1. Anonymous12:01 AM

      A biscuit in the US is sort of like a scone, without the sugar or fruit. It's a plain bread product.

  3. You have the best taste in females.

  4. Lady, you are beautiful. You deserved a treat. How nice it must be to call a family member and get help. I'm glad you're there for Sam and Lady.


  5. Yep! I think you have a friend for life !

  6. Rick you know how to take care of your girlfriends!

  7. Hahahaha . I liked this... shes gonna want more car rides with you for im afraid you might have started something.

  8. I bet your blond forgot all about her vet visit as soon as she smelled the special treat. I think you have a penchant for blonds if I'm not mistaken. I'm an old brunette and I love biscuits too. Our canadian biscuits are like scones without the sugar.

  9. Feed a dog---own a dog. Yes, I think you have a new girlfriend.

  10. Yeah I can hear her now, I want to go to Uncle Ricks, he has sausage!
    Neat picture!

  11. Yeah you have a new girlfriend

  12. Anyone who gives his girl 'people-food' is alllll-right in my book!

  13. The way to a dog's heart is through her stomach...


  14. Haha, what a cute picture Rick... she's an easily pleased 'girlfriend' xox


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