Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy spring

I checked out a state car from the carpool today and headed west to Fayette. It's spring break at the college, but the staff still works. That's OK with me because if I don't work, I don't get paid. 

My partner is still new to the job, and he needed some coaching on how to enter data. He would have driven to my office, but it was such a lovely day, I decided to take one for the home team :)

Punching the Audible icon on my phone, I listened to the last few chapters of the Bruce Springsteen autobiography as I drove. The vehicle had all the fancy stuff. At one point, when I looked at the dash, the thermometer read 87 degrees. The first days of spring and it was warm enough to swim.

It's amazing what a little warm weather does to plants. At one point on a winding country road, I came upon a scene that caught my eye. The mirror showed no one was in sight either behind or ahead of me, so I pulled to the side of the road. Leaving the car idling, I got out and stepped over to a pasture fence and snapped a few pictures. I'm not sure what kind of grass has yellow flowers, but I plan to do research and plant that grass in my fields.

We had a few days of chilly weather this winter, but I didn't need a coat.

Happy spring.


  1. I wish spring would show up around here. I'm tired of always reaching for a jacket.

  2. I love that picture. I am amazed at the great pictures you DO STOP and shoot. You are good at it. Yep, warming UP!

  3. Happy Sprint Ricky. .. I'm really looking forward to it showing up here xox

  4. This looks like a beautiful place to rest ones body up against the tree and start reading a good book

  5. Happy Spring. Yellow flowers are incredibly happy aren't they?

  6. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Another beautiful photo!!

  7. Indeed Rick, Happy Spring.

  8. You certainly did have a beautiful day there. Here we are still waiting ... but warmer days are coming.

  9. Isn't it nice when we have a change in the seasons

  10. Happy Spring! Beautiful photo!


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