Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wrong turn

Yesterday driving thought Eastern Mississippi on the way home, we came to a T intersection where you go right or left. We've been at this intersection many times, but I remember the first time we were here.

We'd taken an unfamiliar road.  As we sat at the intersection, I looked left and right searching for clues that would tell me which way to go. A road sign that said take a  left to go to Rick and Jilda's house would have been encouraging. But there were no signs. It's a lonely place, so we sat there debating. The road atlas was in the trunk, and I could have put the car in park, flipped the trunk lid and fetched the map, but as a man, that's almost like cheating. Jilda suggested we go to the right, so I took a left.

A few miles down the road, we came to a beautiful old Methodist Church in Giger, Alabama. From the parking lot of that church, I could have thrown a rock to Mississippi.  Stepping out of the car, I snapped some pictures.

The church felt like a sacred place. Standing in front, I could hear a crow cawing off in the distance. Even thought the church was on a state highway, I couldn't hear the sound of whining tires on asphalt from either direction.

I fetched the atlas from the trunk, and as I took pictures, Jilda sat on the hood trying to figure out where we were, and which way to go to get home. 

"We should have gone the other way." "Hmmm." I said,  "Why didn't you say so." She was not amused. 

A few hours we pulled into our driveway. The thing about taking the wrong turn is that it's rarely terminal. Most of the time you go in the wrong direction for a while, but at some point you realize it, do a course correction, and find your way home. My philosophy is, "We're on a sphere. We could keep driving in the same direction, and one day we'd wind up back to where we are."

The thing about taking a wrong turn is that you can always turn around and backtrack. But sometimes you see things you would never have seen. 


  1. Going the wrong way turned out to be a good thing...did your wife buy that?

    This follows the 50/50/90 law. If you have a decision to make where the odds are 50/50, you will be wrong 90$ of the time.

  2. Wrong turns are very often right. In life, and on the road.

  3. Beautiful church. My first name in travel was 'Wrong way Jack' Then it morphed into 'U-Turn Jack' Now I have that 'splaination, "If I hadn't came this way, just look what you would have missed.
    BTW Joeh is rite!

  4. The church is beautiful. As a person whose mother was constantly getting lost I learned at a very young age that a wrong turn leads to adventure.

  5. It reminds me of the time we were in Montreal. I was the navigator and my husband drove. I told him take the right to go into the tunnel but he took a left and we drove for miles through the country. It was nice a beautiful drive but I suspect my husband has a problem with which way is right and which way is left. haha. He does it every time. Maybe I should give him the wrong direction.
    Beautiful little church.

  6. Great philosophy ... tho' I admit to panicking one late night while on a desolate stretch of Alabama blacktop with no cell signal!

    Beautiful photo. Reminds me a bit of Echoes of Time's stuff. (

  7. This church looks so beautiful and I love the stained glass windows! Men! Why do men hate to look at the map or take advice from us?? Actually my hubby knows i am quite good in navigating so he's Ok in letting me direct him. When not in a hurry, it's actually nice to get "lost" unless you end up in some ghetto and you will soon become bait.

  8. Yes, we live on a sphere. Buddha once said if you sit in one place long enough the world will come to YOU!

  9. Anonymous4:32 PM

    You may think I'm crazy, but I can feel whether I'm going north. south, east or west!!

  10. Sometimes our wrong turns take us to the most amazing places


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