Thursday, March 09, 2017

Spring can't be far away

Each year when the weather warms, the college holds lunchtime events in the courtyard outside my office window.

They set up large speakers under the portico just a few feet from my desk. The music is usually songs I've never heard. While the speakers are pointed away from me and toward the courtyard, the volume is such that it's very hard to ignore. In fact, I let a few calls go to voice mail rather than scream into the mouthpiece, I CAN'T TALK JUST NOW THE STUDENTS ARE DANCING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

I tried to focus for a while, but then I snapped my laptop closed, grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from my cooler and stepped into the sunny courtyard to join the festivities.

I love this time of year. I'm sure the instructors have a hard time reaching their students when the days are this beautiful.

A table near the gazebo had chicken wings and other finger food. I fixed a plate and sat for a while
in the sun. There's nothing like the sound of laughter echoing off of cobblestone.

When lunch hour ended, everyone slowly drifted back inside to desks, lectures, and other bookish things.

This evening when I got home, I took the dogs for a speedwalk to finish off the number steps I needed to reach my daily goal.  Afterward, I sat on the stone bench in the backyard and sipped on a bottle of water. A few feet from my feet, I saw these tiny beauties poking up through the pine straw.

Spring can't be far away.


  1. I love hardy flowers. No matter the obstacles or fertile ground. be it a crack in a rock, concrete, weeds or good ground they will proudly raise their heads. I love it. GOOD one.

  2. Spring is almost here in NJ.

  3. I remember university days and being out when it was warm and enjoying the day...and not being in class:) I love the flowers who came out to greet you.

  4. Spring is already here in south Alabama (Opp) it was in the eighties today.

  5. I am hoping our Autumn is nearly here.


  6. I think it's great that they put the music on loud so everyone stop work and go join them.I'm still waiting for signs of spring, no brave little flowers or robins yet. I just need to be patient.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. You were greeted by early ambassadors of spring.

  8. Well, We were seeing a glimpse of Spring all during February. Its near 70 today but snow is in the forecast for the weekend. crazy weather. I need music, and chicken wings!

  9. A fun stimulating exercise like that can release the boredom that seems to set in during classes. The students returned to class renewed and ready to learn. It may interrupt your day but I'll bet it does the same for you.

  10. Songbirds are singing their little hearts out! Sitting outside on the balcony/patio is amazing.

  11. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Some flowers will push everything out of their way!!

  12. Small, but mighty!

  13. As my days start to cool down yours start to heat up

  14. What a great day! Beautiful picture! We are getting a bad snow storm. I think Spring is coming late for us this year!


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