Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fungi tales

We walked later yesterday and the temps and humidity were brutal. The cool spell last week spoiled us. But the weather here is such that you can swim for a good chunk of autumn. We decide to walk a little earlier this morning to keep mold from growing in my ears as I walked.

And speaking of fungus, I spotted some this morning as we walked. There was a gentle breeze out of the southwest and it felt almost pleasant in the shade. After a few laps around the barn, I looked as if I'd swam in my clothes. The upside is that I managed to get my steps in today. I also snapped a picture for the blog.

I also wanted to mention that for those that read my blog last night and asked to see a picture of ZuZu Petals. She slept through the festival yesterday but there was a picture of their family on his Facebook page that I put on last night's post for those who asked to see her.



  1. I don't think I have ever seen funghi quite that bright. A lovely thing.

  2. Even though the color is pretty it looks like that slimy fungus that is so disgusting.

  3. It's been hot and muggy here as well but it's nice and cool in the morning. I worked in cleaning a small Daylily flower bed but had to come in after a while as the heat got me very tired. Autumn is at our door as leaves are starting to fall on some trees. A nice colorful fungus but i like Zulu Petals photo best.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Even though we are dryer than usual we have a lot fungi and mushrooms growing around here. Your picture reminds me of a slash of paint on the wood. Nature is always beautiful in its own way.

  5. It was only 75 degrees when I got up this morning. It's warming up, but 75 sure felt good.


  6. It's a little dry for mushrooms and fungi here, temps still a little warm but that's the way it is.

    The picture came out really well, nice job.

  7. My daddy had two things to say about sweat. one was sweating was washing the body from the inside out!
    The other was about some lazy men he knew. He declared that their sweat was so rare one drop would cure TB!
    I always appreciate the color you show in your pictures.

  8. A fungus among us!

  9. Forget the fungus, Ok im heading over to your fb page to see zuzu.


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