Sunday, September 03, 2017

Trying something new

While reading a book entitled "Several Short Sentences About Writing," the author suggested something that had never occurred to me. I stuck my finger between the pages to mark my place and pulled out a sticky note to jot down a reminder - "Video some of my columns." He suggests that reading your work out loud will help refine your writing voice and make you use better words. The end result is your work become easier for readers to read. 

A few weeks ago a colleague suggested a blog she thought I might like. Sean of the South. Like me, Sean is a columnist who has written several books. 

His work blew me away. His blogs/columns are conversational, but he manages to put emotion into his words. 

He also does videos of him reading his stories.

After reading his columns and watching a few of his videos, I decided to try doing a video of my column that ran in the Sunday paper today.

It took a few hours to record 500 words. While reading it aloud, I found several places where the words felt wonky. The rhythm seemed off. 

I knew right then and there that this exercise would benefit me in a lot of ways.

Hopefully, it will help me get better. 

This picture is one of some yellow flowers growing among rocks on the roadside. It has nothing to do with the entry tonight, but I like the way the light fell on the scene.


  1. Found treasures!

    I should try this on my other site. I bet I will discover similar writing awkwardness.

  2. Love the light.
    Reading aloud often shows up weaknesses. A video is a step too far for my camera averse self though.

  3. Sean does write beautifully. He add just enough of the interesting descriptions that peak our interest and doesn't distract from his story. His stories are smooth as silk.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. It's always good to try and better yourself. Doing something new definitely can put a new light on things.

  5. The video thing is an interesting idea. I wonder how I will do. I do tend to have long run on sentences at times.

  6. I hate the way my voice sounds, I'm sure I wouldn't like the way my writing sounds.

  7. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I love the way you write NOW!!

  8. I think recording your written words is a great idea, you will get more and idea how the words flow together

  9. It does sound like a helpful hint for sure. But I was not happy with my voice before the implants, now I sound like a duck I ain't listening. LOL
    One of the things I would do if I had a do-over is take voice lessons. Not to sing, but to use my cords properly for public speaking. When I did a lot of public speaking I tended to mimic or over exaggerate. Once I learned ventriloquism, I was able to let the dummy talk a lot. LOL
    But of course reading to the camera would be a great idea.

  10. I hope this works out and brings you an even larger audience. I sound like "Tiny Tim" from "A Christmas Carol" so I won't be doing anything similar.

  11. That does sound like a great exercise because, when I read, I talk inwardly. This makes sense to use this style and I hope it helps. Love your picture..the yellow is a welcome look


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