Friday, September 08, 2017

No fan of the vet

We received a letter from our vet in the mail last week. It was a reminder for an annual checkup for our tiny dog Taz.

I looked over the letter to her lounging on the couch. It's her couch. Even though she weighs less than a bag of corn meal she OWNs the couch.

Taz is no fan of the vet. No matter how sweetly the vet and her assistance coo at her, Taz looks at them as if they were excrement.

Today was no different. Whenever I pick her up and head to the truck with a towel, she knows the ride will not be something she will enjoy.

When she arrived there was a cat howling from somewhere deep in the bowels of the kennel. Taz went on high alert. She must have imagined they were skinning that cat alive. "Will I be next?" She began to shake involuntarily.

When the vet came into the room, Taz promptly peed on the floor. A vet tech hustled in a few moments later with a mop. When I put Taz on the scale the digits settled at 10 pounds.

The vet laid out the syringes to give her the shots and I told her she might want to put a muzzle on Taz. She looked at the little critter doubtfully but slipped a muzzle over her snout.

The shots went smoothly. Taz barely flinched. But when the vet began to trim the pups toenails, she turned into a furry chainsaw. Without the muzzle, she would have bitten everyone in the room including me.

When the deal was done and I paid the tab, she was more than ready to get back into the truck.

I'm just glad I only have to take her once a year.


  1. I can empathize with both you and Taz.

  2. One of our cats used to put his tail between his legs and crap - as soon as we parked in the vet's drive.
    Like Joy, I empathise with you and Taz. Once a year is more than enough.

  3. Oh my, from the picture, she is giving the stink eye as a good friend says about her pup.

  4. For some reason the trimming of the nails is insulting to dogs.

  5. Poor Taz. At least Taz doesn't have to fork the money to pay the vet. How humiliating to get a shot in the butts and having to pay for it. I'd want to bite too...
    My Chinese Astrological sign is a dog, and I don't like shots either.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. You do realize that Taz plans to take YOU to the Vet next time, right?
    ;-) At times life is so much fun!

  7. I giggled as I read this. I pictured the whole ordeal in my head. Even the visions of her owning the couch as you read her mail.

  8. It's the little ones that are sometimes the feistiest ones. Visits to the vet are never fun and they are usually expensive, but you got to do it.

  9. Sometimes it's hard taking pets to the vet when you know it will traumatize them, but you have to if you want to be a good pet owner.

  10. Anonymous10:52 AM

    My late brother-in-law was our vet. Our dog loved him at our house or his, but HATED him in his office!!

  11. Poor little Taz. Franklin hates going to the vet, but his manners remain impeccable during his visits. He's the only dog who has owned me who steps right up on the scale and remains in place while the tech gets an accurate weight. He even shakes the vet's hand when we're done.



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