Saturday, September 09, 2017

Spicebush Swallowtail

This morning felt like fall. The thermometer rested on 49 this morning. Last few years, it didn't get that cool until November.

We decided to walk the dogs early. They were ecstatic – barking and nipping at each other. Caillou ran out through the field then suddenly fell over and began to roll in the grass. It was a picture of pure joy.

I pulled the phone from my pocket to snap a picture, but as I approached he sprang to his feet and launched into the underbrush after a squirrel.

Before sliding the phone back into my pocket, I noticed something on the ground ahead. It was a Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly. I'm not sure if the cool weather made it lethargic or it was not afraid of me.

Seeing this little guy made a good day even better.


  1. Gorgeous butterfly. Did the dog catch squirrel?

  2. Nothing is sweeter than watching dogs have fun. I love this butterfly and when I a man better I hope to Crete the colour of this on a card

  3. What a glorious flutterby.

  4. Beautiful pic! My thoughts are with you guys down south. I do hope this hurricane isn't causing you any trouble. Please stay safe!

  5. The dogs happiness in the cooler weather - that might be how I would race around if I could as we had rain and cooler weather for the first time in many many many weeks and I did go and walk in the rain and got drippy wet - such a wonderful relief to have the smoke particulate washed off leaves and flowers and car windows and so on. Keep safe. Hugs.

  6. We were 44 this morning but it will warm up to the upper 6o's today. The cooler weather has invigorated me somewhat too. I actually turned the oven on and did some baking yesterday. Hardly ever do that when it is hot out. I do love the beauty of butterflies. Each unique as are we all...

  7. I know you are watching the storm. We have a son just north of TAmpa. Enjoy your weather. I hope it is not using you guys for a target.

    I can never get a butterfly to pose for me! LOL

  8. Cool fall weather is definatly in our mist. Beautiful butterfly.

  9. What a beautiful butterfly. I wonder why they call butterflies, butterflies... Do they like butter? lol. Stay safe from hurricanes.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. Butterflies always brighten my mood.

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