Thursday, September 21, 2017


My neighbor called yesterday asking if I'd heard dogs barking the night before. She thought someone might be prowling around her house.

I hadn't heard any dogs. They weren't mine. But when I remodeled our house a few years back, I added a lot of insulation. The siding boards on top of the insulation are made from cement.  Hearing things outside during the night does not happen very often. 

My dogs stay inside at night. There is a doggy door that allows them to come and go, but they rarely move around after they settle in unless something is going on outside. They take their watch duties seriously.

Once when someone drove into our yard late, the dogs let me know. By the time I got my shoes on and stepped to the door, the late-night visitors were backing out the drive. Two dogs tipping the scales at a hundred pounds each aren't that inviting. My dogs are inside my fence, and would not bother someone unless they tried to come into their space uninvited. 

I would not have a mean dog. But having dogs that are watchful is a good thing – especially when you live as far out in the sticks as we do.


  1. If I lived in the country I would have a large dog or two as a shotgun, and I hate guns.

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Caillou (sp?) is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you. That is the correct spelling. There is a cartoon by a similar name them my great nephew loved so when we got the collie, we named him Caillou - pronounced Kyle-oooo.

  3. One of my dogs sleeps right at the front door - no one can walk on the stairs/deck without a huge loud and mean barking session. The other sleeps on a chair and looks out the window and barks if a stranger comes near (that includes the paper boy and the mailman).
    I see you got a spam email tonight - I had 6 last week. Don't know if they can be blocked, I just delete them as spam.

  4. Sigh on the spammer front.
    I grew up with dogs. At one time we were visiting a neighbour two houses away. A family friend came to visit. He knew the dog, and thought he would just walk in. He was wrong. The barking alerted us. When we returned Harris was very pleased to let him inside and welcomed him. But not until we returned.

  5. What a beautiful watch dog you have. I do miss having a dog here. Mine used to bark whenever someone came around. Now I never know when someone comes until they knock on the door.

  6. Someone who comes to my home regularly was shocked by Franklin's vicious look and loud barking when he came to the door and I wasn't at home. I returned, and Franklin welcomed him, as usual. My dogs keep an eye on the neighborhood.


  7. Having a big dog in the yard sure has it's advantages, even if they do sleep inside at night, a good dog of any size is a good way to detect visitors that you do not hear, and you are right it doesn't mean you have to own an aggressive breed, I too prefer a dog that is not mean.

    That is a beautiful dog Rick.

  8. It's nice that you have a good guard dog to alert you of prowlers. We have motion lights and an alarm but no dog. Caillou is a beautiful dog.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. I dont have a watchdog but I do have a ball bat.

  10. I'm a dog person although it's been awhile since we had one, but if I lived out in the country I'd definitely own a dog.

  11. Dogs that protect are not mean. They understand that taking care of the family is their contribution.

  12. Most of the time, all it takes is a string of barks to do the job.

    Your 'lassie' is lovely.

  13. That Caliou (?) is one beautiful collie. Yep it is nice to have an alarm when things go bump in the night.

  14. Thanks for explaining how to pronounce Caillou!
    I'm so intrigued about your cement siding. That's a great idea!

    Our pip-squeak pups aren't particularly threatening, but little Grace has a voice that rivals nails on a chalkboard.


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