Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday stuff

We had grilling on our minds for this evening. We had Conucah Sausage in the fridge but we needed veggies. I'm talking onions, peppers, and other goodies. 

We headed out to Aldies just before lunch to pick up some of the things we needed. We remembered to bring our bags, but standing at the door we realized we'd forgotten the quarter for the cart.  RATS! I pulled everything from my pockets. I had my pocket knife, my wallet, cough drops, breath strips, chapstick, and my phone. But no quarter. Jilda was perusing through her bag. I started to head back to the car and search through the dash pocket for change when a good Samaritan came up and said take my cart, please. Apparently, the same thing had happened to her and someone gave her their cart so she was paying it forward. We thanked her and headed inside.

When we headed out after picking up our things, we gave our cart to a lady who was searching her bag for a quarter. 

As I walked to the car I wondered how many people passed that cart to the next person. 
That was such an inexpensive way to make people smile. I plan to do that every time I shop there.

We made one last stop at our local produce stand. There are things they sell there that are the best so we don't take chances by buying elsewhere.

On the way inside, I noticed a stack of warty pumpkins. These are autumn decorations. One particular pumpkin was a weird little dude. The colors were beautiful. I snapped a picture for the blog tonight.

I hope you all have had a great day.


  1. THe market we shop at when at the shore does the quarter thing, otherwise I would not have known what you were talking about. There are never loose carts in that lot, it is a good idea, but then we always have quarters in our car. It is a nice idea to just pass the cart on a smile for a quarter is a good investment.

  2. Today we drove 450 km to see what fall was like along the Fraser Canyon highway. Picked up some mixed types of gourd and pumpkins and wonderful tomatoes that tasted like our childhood tomatoes at a Vegetable/Fruit stand we like (so far from home) and headed back. We did make some good stops at a Church (very well organized and a happy place) huge garage sale and again at a small garage sale in a very established trailer court that included a short and lovely conversation with the older couple holding it (and now that I am part of an older couple I wonder why I think others are older than me?) We are tired but pleased we had a day out.

  3. LOVE that pumpkin. Our shopping trolleys are $1 - but it is a great idea to pass the cart on.

  4. Thank goodness we don't have to pay to use carts here. But paying it forward is a good idea. I think that weird pumpkin is actually a squash.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I do love your picture. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It's like everything is so much brighter with color in celebration of another harvest. I too shop at Aldi's and the last time I was there a lady did the same for us but when I left I couldn't find anyone to pass the cart onto so II just put my cart in the rack, but left the quarter in it.

  6. I bought warty pumpkins this weekend too. Love that photo!

  7. Wonderful image! I wish our grocery stores would take a note from Aldi.

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    A pretty pumpkin (or maybe a squash?)!!

  9. You taking a picture at the grocery store, without buying a pumpkin, reminds me that me and the Missus no longer exchange birthday or anniversary cards. When we're at the store we pick out nice cards for each other, read and return them to the card shelf. It beats paying for cards only to throw them away.

  10. My Saturday was a good one, hot though but not as hot as Sunday

  11. When we bought our new car this spring I put my Aldi quarter in the cup holder and declared the car ours! Ha! I've been the recipient of the passed quarter and do a good turn daily! Love the pumpkin/ pretty! P.S...they have carts inside and frequently let customers grab one if they need it!


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