Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Yellow mushroom

Hummingbirds are at war with yellow jackets this time of year. The tiny birds are in a feeding frenzy getting ready to migrate south to Mexico and Panama. And the yellow jackets...well, they're just being yellow jackets.

The birds and the bees both love the sugar water we put in the feeders. While the rubythroats are bigger than the yellow jackets, they respect them. Whenever a jacket asserts its right to a feeder, the ruby's dart in and out trying to avoid the confrontation.

Ol' Hook thought yellow jackets were fair game. And had there been only one of the little beasts, he would have been fine. But when you mess with one yellow jacket, they bring the family to the fight.
After Hook got into a nest of them a few weeks ago, he gives that nest a wide berth. He seemed to look at us as if to say, "The devil is in that hole. Don't get too close to it!"

I poured gas down the hole after they attacked the dog and that was the end of that nest. I was afraid one of the kids visiting us would walk too close. Nothing good would have come from that. I'm a "live and let live" guy, but don't hurt me or mine.

Jilda noticed more yellow jackets on the other side of the yard near the dogwood tree. Today when I got home from work, I stepped over and stood for a long while. I did see a few of the yellow devils, but the nest is somewhere else. I'll have to spend some time locating it this weekend.

I did see a mushroom under the dogwood. I wasn't sure if it was yellow, or the setting sun painted it that color.


  1. That is a spectacular shroom. Probably not edible by us but beautiful.

  2. Yellow jackets are the nastiest, they attack for sport!

  3. I can't find any things nice to say about yellow jackets unless they are the types you wear.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Better yellow mushrooms than yellow jackets for sure. As a kid I stepped in a nest when walking in the woods and will never forget the pain. Their stings do hurt. I was promptly covered in a baking soda paste to draw out the venom. I'd be getting rid of them too.

  5. I love taking walks with you.

  6. Nature has a way of teaching us the rules! But as you said I let life of nature stick around as long as it is no threat to my loved ones.
    We have a ton of wasps lately and they hurt!!

  7. Whatever caused the color it is a beauty. Good hunting for the yellow jackets.

  8. I love it when the sun paints. Neat shot. Yep the Yellow jackets don't fight fair....

  9. It looks yellow to me and probably poisonous...maybe you should sick those mushrooms on these spam people who are buzzing around you here. Yellow jackets are horrible.


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