Friday, September 01, 2017

The season begins

A squeaking sound roused me from a deep sleep this morning. I laid there listening. Sliding out of bed, I stepped silently to the living room trying not to wake Jilda. I stood for a long time, before deciding that what I heard was a remnant of a forgotten dream.

I laid back down and listened. Before falling asleep, I heard it again. Sliding on my slippers, I stepped to the front windows and peered out. The light of false dawn was seeping through the window from the east but I still could not hear the squeaking. Opening the door, I stood on the stoop. The wind aloft sounded like rushing water at times. I could hear the chimes on the side screen porch tinkling, but no sign of the squeaking.

Before closing the door, I heard the wind coming through the trees and then I heard the squeaking. One of the limbs of the Rose-A-Sharon bush next to the house brushed against the edge of the metal roof. Bingo.

I didn't want to deal with it last night, but I made a mental note to trim the shrubs back to prevent future mysteries.

College football kicks off full force tomorrow. Alabama plays Florida State at the Georgia Dome in the Kickoff Classic. Some schools choose weaker opponents to begin their season. It seems these last several years, Alabama has bucked that trend and picked on colleges their own size. It should be a good game. If you don't have a preference, please pull for my guys.
Roll Tide.


  1. I'd rather see a good evenly matched game than for one team to dominate a weaker team...Roll Tide

  2. What, no big Elephant hat?

  3. And there are 'them thangs' that go bump in the night! It is always a pleasure to solve a mystery! Hope your team does good, oh wait, I am from Florida now.... ;-)

  4. Glad you could identify the mystery squeaker.

  5. Ah, you remind me I must trim the mulberry tree away from the roof. Thanks! (I think).

  6. Those bushes sometimes seem to grow overnight. At least you now know what needs to be done. Enjoy your football !

  7. I don't have a preference so I'll root for your guys.

  8. At least you will be able to trim the bushes before the weather gets cold.

  9. Anonymous12:06 PM

    That may have been the Rose of Sharon's version of Roll Tide!!

  10. Who would have thought that Rose of Sharon would pull you out of bed with a squeaky limb so early in the morning? A gentle reminder it time to trim those busy limbs. Smart tree.
    Happy Labour Day.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. ONLY in this case (*smile*) because I'm no fan of Florida State. Hope it's a good game.


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