Monday, September 11, 2017

Listening to the rain

The rain tonight sounds like popcorn popping on our roof. The oak, hickory, and pine trees out back are swaying in the wind like hula dancers.

So far, the lights have not flickered. Maybe I can say that when the storm is nothing but a bad memory.

We put on our rain gear and walked today. The dogs weren't nearly as excited and they usually are. The Yorkie worked a few steps and then refused to move. Jilda had to put her under her raincoat and take her back home. Caillou the collie hates to get wet too, but he couldn't stand the thoughts of Ol' Hook walking with us alone, so he walked out of spite.

I didn't have a picture for today, but I found one from September of last year.


  1. I smiled at the Yorkie, I have feel in love with that little breed. If we ever stop traveling, that is what I want.
    I don't come for the colorful shots, but I sure enjoy them!

  2. Ol' Hook is made of tough stuff - a bit of rain would never put him off a walk.


  3. Stay safe. How I love the scent of rain-washed air. A rare and precious scent here.

  4. I hope that the wind and rain has stopped and that everything is calm now so everyone can go for a walk together.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I love the sound of rain. I would be a storm chaser too if I could. We could hear the wind whipping the windows but lucky for us, no trees.

  6. I do love listening to rain on the metal roof I have on the carport that is attached to the house. It is always restful and soothing. I do hope you all didn't lose power and experienced a mild end to the storm. I like your September picture...what a lovely day!

  7. I hope there was nothing more serious than a flicker.

  8. Does Ol' Hook come running when you yell "Hook", or "Ol' Hook"?
    Oh wait, stupid question.

  9. I enjoy walking in the rain, which we usually have lots of here in Oregon.

  10. Dogs are great. They are so funny. Love that picture nice again.


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