Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Snake tale

It was overcast and chilly here today. The temps didn't venture out of the 50s all day. The storm day Monday made our week wonky again. Jilda had to go in early this morning and then again this afternoon. 

We decided before lunch to walk. Stepping outside, I realized a short-sleeve tee shirt wasn't going to get it, so I went back inside and dug through the plastic storage tub where I store my sweats shirts and pants. I pulled out my favorite sweatshirt. I bought it over twenty years ago when we were in San Francisco.

The sweat shirt felt like an old friend as I pulled it over my shoulders and shook it on. This is dog weather. They could relentlessly chase deer and rabbits without getting so hot they step on their tongues.

This afternoon when Jilda headed back to work, I decided to get the rest of my steps. After a few laps through the new walking trail, I circled the barn to head to the house for water. At the edge of the barn, I saw an old friend. It's a chicken snake almost five feet long. He'd been in the barn but was headed for the old truck which is parked a few yards away. 

I think he was about to shed his skin for the last time because his eyes were blue. Normally the snake's eyes are black and see everything around them. I think this snake heard me, but I don't think he saw me.

I moved in close to snap a picture. The advice I gave him was to get in that old truck fast before Ol' Hook came back from the chase. The dog is not a fan of critters.


  1. Nice looking snake...keep him in Bama!

  2. I am not good with snakes. I can appreciate their beauty - but your chicken snake is about the right distance from me.

  3. I'm not a fan of snakes either but some people love them. I haven't seen a snake around here since we've been flooding. I wonder if they all drowned.
    You're not afraid that this snake will get your eggs or chickens?

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Just eeeessssshhh!

  5. That is one big snake for sure. I'm glad he was there at your place and not at mine. I never noticed what color snakes eyes are but I have seen a snake skin left behind by one before. Amazing creatures all.

  6. O.M.G. The long slinky would definitely put a kabosh on my walking anywhere near there. Uh uh. Nosiree. Kaputski. Bye bye walking. Susan

  7. It is always nice to come across an old friend. He is pretty.

  8. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I assume chicken snakes aren't venomous!!

  9. Bleagh. I hate snakes! I wish it were cooler here, but at least it was pleasant when the electricity was off. Today it's sunny and 87.


  10. We had a gopher snake hanging around here for several years, he got up to about four feet as of the last time I saw him which has been a couple years ago, you do get used to these types being around.

  11. I know all animals serve a purpose, and this snake probably eats pests, but it would be unnerving to have them nearby.

  12. This is a long snake and one I would run Away from in that girlie run I have

  13. Last snake I saw was a little guy --about a foot long-- who got into the back porch this summer. I picked him up behind his jaws and transported him to a better life outdoors. He was very cooperative. No tragedy, there's a serpent in the best of gardens.

  14. Hahahaha. Thinking of the snake skins left behind in our furniture that was stored in the truck out in the woods. ol Hook is my kind a dog!


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