Friday, September 29, 2017

Home cooking

Jilda's mother was an incredible cook. Most days she prepared lunch for her baby son that worked close enough that he could smell what she was cooking if he'd stepped outside. He ate at Ruby's Diner daily.

She was a domestic meat and three place. She'd cook sweet corn, fried squash, and fried chicken livers. Or ribs and kraut. Somes days it would be pork chops and potatoes. Baked chicken, roasted potatoes, fried green tomatoes, and slaw. She always cooked a pone of cornbread as big as a hubcap.

For years, Jilda worked at a clothing store nearby and she too would pop in to lunch with her mom. That was when I worked south of Birmingham and rarely had an opportunity to have lunch with my mother-in-law. But Jilda often called me at work to tell me what they were having. If she'd been close by I would have smacked her :)

Jilda got that cooking gene. Some people dislike cooking, but she loves it and it shows.

Our great nephew Jordan was still under the weather, so he stayed with us this morning. His favorite thing that Jilda makes in meatloaf, corn on the cob, and butter peas.  I'll give you three guesses as to what we had for lunch today. She also made Jordan's favorite drink – lemonade. He was one happy camper at meal time.

Jilda's brother got off a little early today, so he stopped by to eat. Call him anything, but don't call him late for lunch.

As we sat down to eat, I had  a thought. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a picture of the meal and texted it to Jordan's mom Samantha.  Did I mention that meatloaf is one of Samantha's favorite meals too?

Was that evil? If so I learned that from my wife.


  1. Your spammer is remarkably persistent.
    Home cooking is such an evocative thought...

    1. They are persistent. I just went to Google + and blocked them there. I'm not sure it that will work but it was worth a try.
      More to follow:)

    2. They seem to get persistent, I hope this works they have been really aggravating for a lot of us.

  2. This sure defines 'comfort' food. Yum!

  3. It looks yummy. I hope poor Jordan feels better soon. I hope he doesn't have pneumonia or something serious.
    Hugs & prayers.

  4. Iffn, you was real old or smaller I'd smack you! Hahahahaah. Ruby Sounds like my mama! SWEET!

  5. You know the cooking is good if you can get a kid to eat meat loaf... my daughter always liked meatloaf too but there is only one food whe will not eat and thats peas.

  6. Yes, you do have a little bit of the devil in you. Knowing just how good the food was and that she couldn't be there to enjoy it too. They say that nothing says loving better than something from the oven! I think they are right!

  7. Jilda sure came by her cooking honest, taking after her mom in this respect looks really good.

  8. Any man whose wife is an excellent cook has received a blessing as well as a curse. My wife is an excellent cook, and for years my waistline showed it.

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Your butter peas look like beans; are they?


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