Friday, September 15, 2017

Thank You

My mind was a vacuum tonight. I sat and typed the letters off my keyboard but no words came to mind.

I clicked on Google and searched for holidays celebrated today. There were 19 holidays. National Hug Your Boss Day, National Linguini Day, and National Cheese Toast Day were all contenders. But the holiday that took my ribbon was National Thank You Day.

By nature, I'm a thankful person, but I still don't say thank you enough. The Walmart checker who rang up the shopping cart of the turd in front of me today without slapping them nakid' and hiding their clothes. She deserved an award or at least a thank you.  The garbage man that runs each Friday morning who hauls off things that we toss in our can all week. That can is toxic by Friday. Also, the bank teller who pointed out that I'd cheated myself out of a hundred dollars on my deposit slip today. She didn't laugh or say point out that her daughter in grammar school was better at math.

Or the people who read my blog each evening. I haven't said it in the past, but I truly thank you all for being my blog buddies.


  1. Thank you right back Rick. Your daily post is an evening highlight.

  2. Thank you for your daily posts.

  3. Rick, Thank you for being yourself and for your visits to my blog also.

  4. What the hell is cheese toast?

    Oh and your welcome.

  5. Since I'm retired, I hugged my wife on this "Hug your boss Day". And Thank You for all the encouraging comments you've given me over the years.

  6. If you don't post we can't read. So thank you for all the years of such consistent blog posting.


  7. You are welcome Rick and thank you for leaving comments on my blog too. My post are far in between because my computer is giving me some issues.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Thank you too for the reminder to say thank you ! It's always a good thing to appreciate those we are thankful for. I do check the daily trivia and totally missed seeing that it as Thank You day. There are so many that deserve our thanks and we often for get to say those magical words...THANK YOU!

  9. And thank you for keeping me interested and entertained.

  10. Thank you for being our blog buddy.


  11. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Thank you for being you!!

  12. I'm happy to be one of your blog buddies.

  13. Thanks back at ya, blog buddy!

  14. reading backwards, and saying amen to my friend Lisa's comment.


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