Saturday, January 13, 2018

Alabama Ice Castles

We ate a late breakfast this morning. Since we'd be eating out tonight for my birthday, Jilda decided to prepare an Irish Breakfast. By, Irish Breakfast I mean eggs, bacon, grits, and biscuits. 

After we read the papers, we bundled up for a walk. The dogs were bouncing off the furniture, so I took them outside while Jilda finished bundling.  I remembered my gloves, but I 'd forgotten my toboggan. Halfway through the backyard, I felt a steady wind of out the north. One gust was so strong it made my ears whistle. I hustled back inside and got my headgear and pulled it down over my ears.

The walk was invigorating and the critters were beside themselves. They love the cold. When we headed around the old place and turned up the barn road toward the mailbox, I saw something you rarely see here in Alabama. Tiny ice crystals pushing up through the gravel and red clay.  They looked like tiny ice castles.

I bend over long enough to snap a few pictures. There wasn't as much color as I would have liked, but I still thought they were interesting.


  1. A rare sight - glad you shared your photo.

  2. Wow.
    Happy birthday. Enjoy the cool crispness.

  3. Hope you had a happy birthday dinner out. The ice castles aren't quite the same as the sand castles you'd originally planned.

  4. That type of frost push has always been interesting to me. Not a constant thing in NC where I was raised either! Haven't seen it in a very long time!

  5. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Happy birthday, my friend!!

  6. Oh what a rare sight, even rarer for me don't get them here not cold enough, hope you have/had a great birthday


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