Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Taking pictures

Back in early December, my nephew called to ask if I'd take some photographs of he and his family. He wanted them for his Christmas card. He's the one that's a plumber and the one I call whenever I have plumbing, gas, electric, issues. He also helps me with the heavy lifting so I was happy to take the pictures.

We decided to do the shoot down at the barn and on the front porch of the old house. It was a beautiful afternoon. I shot over a hundred pictures in the few hours we were down there. 

After the session, we sat on the porch and my thinking bench to enjoy the late autumn afternoon. Their son Anthony who is in the second grade asked if I wanted him to take my picture. I said, "Of course." I wasn't sure if he knew how, but apparently, he has a pretty good eye. He snapped the picture below. I'm also including a couple pictures that I shot of them.


  1. I love the photo with the bike and what a good lookin litttle family!
    You did good and so did the 2nd grader.

  2. The guy on the "Pickers" a TV show would pay handsomely for that bike.

  3. SUCH a photogenic bunch. And I love the look of mischief in his eyes.
    It seems a good eye is a family characteristic.

  4. Of course the shots are good, but I love the kid and the bike. I never owned that fancy a bike, but I saw a lot ok kids with them.
    Happy New Year again!

  5. I love the picture he took and that is pretty good! Love him with the bicycle and the family portrait is a perfect family Christmas card.

  6. Beautiful photos, Rick. Is that a Schwinn Cruiser?

  7. Nice to see pictures of warmer weather. Here it is white and frozen. Great pictures and a great place to take them.

  8. Great pictures. I think that old bike is worth a lot of money for collectors. I hope it's kept inside so it won't deteriorate any more.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Anonymous2:35 PM

    The picture with the bike is terrific!!

  10. Such an adorable family. Nice pictures by both of you.


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