Saturday, January 06, 2018

Neglected chores

I haven't been a friend to our fruit trees. I've fed them each season, but my pruner tool died a few years ago and I kept putting the chore off until it was too late each spring.

The last several years have been unseasonably warm. And then we had a drought in 2015. This past fall we got one peach. We didn't get a single pear or apple. Both trees are normally bulging with fruit.

I promised my old friends that I would do right by them. I'll be installing irrigating from the well and today I began following through with the second promise which was to prune.

The apple tree is the worst. I headed down after lunch and pruned until my arms were jelly'esk. I thought I was in decent shape, but the proof in the pruning. I'll go back tomorrow and finish the job. I'll also haul woods dirt, compost, and mountains of leaves on their roots. I think they will be happy and I believe next summer they will show their appreciation.

Pruning and chores like that are easy to ignore. The trees won't complain or throw a tantrum. They give all they can give because it's in their nature. But without good stewardship, they suffer.

Next autumn, I'm hoping to have an abundant harvest.


  1. I suspect the trees will pay you bounteously for your efforts.

  2. My daddy would have said that you are right about pruning the apple tree. It will do better, and treat you good if taken care of.

  3. Now I would have thought it was too late to prune. I do know fruit trees take a lot of care, but when they give fruit they give a lot of fruit. Here is to a good harvest.

  4. It's so nice you can get outside and do what we here in the north would consider Spring chores. It's a frozen tundra here but they say this coming we will warm up some.

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    May you be up to your knees in fruit!!

  6. I have a few apples here. Your picture made me crave a few fried apples so I believe I'll spend some time in the kitchen.

  7. That chore will have to wait a few months up here but it's on the list! I smell an apple pie in your future!

  8. Showing a little love will mean your trees will be bountiful


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