Friday, January 12, 2018

Fun Friday

Last night before turning in, I had to turn the AC unit on to cool the house down so we could sleep. Sometime during the night, the mercury dropped like a stone. It's still dropping. When I checked just now, it's 26 degrees F.

This morning I had appointments in Birmingham. My friend Dan who owns a media company also needs some help after I leave my current job. I've been a writer for him since he bought his first paper and now he owns at least seven newspapers and a marketing business. He's rocking and rolling.

We talked for a while and I got a feel for some ways I can help him. After we talked business, we talked fishing. We share a love of fly fishing.

After I left there, I ran to a music store a few blocks away to pick up a part for our 12-string guitar. Jilda and I have been friends with the owner for years. He wasn't there when I arrived but a sign on his door said he'd be back in 10 minutes. He has a cedar bench in front of his store, so I sat down. I snapped a selfie while I waited.

He pulled back into his parking spot with 30 seconds to spare.

We sat in his workroom and talked while he looked through drawers of parts. Jilda's 12-string is over 30 years old so a new part wouldn't fix it but I knew Herb would have what we needed. A few minutes later I heard him say, Aha!

I bought some strings and a while later I was on my way home. It was a delightful morning.

Tonight, we went back to Birmingham to join our great-niece Breeze's birthday party. But I'll let Jilda tell that tale.

I hope this Friday has been a good one for you too.


  1. Love your selfie Rick. Hope you have more to write about your meeting today.

  2. My wife loves the 12 string, thinking about trying one, but I hate restringing a 6 string. How difficult are they to play?

  3. It does indeed sound a delightful (and productive) day.

  4. Another Job? Sounds like you may end up being busier than you are now. Glad you found the needed parts to fix the guitar. We are much colder here too, but sadly it never got warm enough to turn the a/c on.

  5. I read Lisa's blog a few days ago and she said she 'Cranked her car'. Now you are 'running' by the music store. I love it. I took my grand son to the grocery store once years ago. When I said jump in the car. He said, "I thought we were going to run!"Later 'Cut across' messed up his mind. Anyway glad you could run by and pick up the part. Love the name 'Fretted Instruments'.

  6. Not Friday here but Sunday as I read this and after a few stinking hot days it is somewhat cold here today


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