Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Old cabin

I spent much of my morning cleaning out my office. After lunch, I worked on end-of-grant reports. Three hours of that was brutal. Fortunately, I managed to finish them before I got to the point of shoving a fountain pen into my temple.

When I finished, I went for a walk in a nearby park. I hadn't been there for some time. Up on the hill,
I noticed a log cabin. I remember when they moved the cabin onto the campus. Our old friend and historian Winfred Sandlin located the cabin somewhere in the sticks and negotiated ownership to the college. He then had it moved to its current location. That was in 1977.

We'd only been married about three years at this point.

I was glad to see that it's still standing strong.

After I strolled down memory lane, I pulled the phone from my pocket and snapped a picture of it today. It hasn't changed that much.


  1. Okay I will admit, Jilda never changes, however......
    That said, "I love that picture of you guys at the cabin." That must be a real kick to see it still as it was. And here you are, well you still are, that is something. Enjoyed the visit my friend.

  2. Beautiful couple. Distinguished old house. And I love the guitar strap with all the peace symbols.

  3. I love to see places like this saved, and the picture of you and Jilda is really nice. It's hard to believe that another forty has been added to that hundred year old cabin.

  4. You two were adorable. Still are. I love that cabin and how cool is it that it's still there. Me and my brother built a log cabin once from old trees laying around in the woods. It was fun to play in.

  5. It's good to see some things stand the test of time! You two look so cute in that pic!

  6. Seeing history preserved is uplifting.

    My brothers and we girls worked on log cabin building. We got as far as a lean-to. 50 years later it was still standing, according to its recent farmer.

  7. A great picture of you and Jilda by the cabin. Maybe. it's time to take another picture of you two by the cabin.
    Sorry I've missed commenting on your blog lately. I has some computer issues that were taken care of today.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. You 2 look so cool! I am happy the cabin was saved and isn't it great to see that it has not changed. you both should go back there and redo the picture, that would be neat


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