Thursday, January 11, 2018

Color me happy

Today was eventful. I had to run to Fayette to pick up some laptops that we'd loaned our candidates. My coworker Danny met me in his office to talk through all the things we'd need to do to close down our work on the grant.

At noon, we decided to head somewhere for lunch. I thought I'd eaten at most of the local (non-chain) restaurants in Fayette, but I was wrong.

We loaded up in the Bevill SUV and headed to Country Junction. It's a meat and three during the day, and at night it's a steak and seafood restaurant. They specialize in fried catfish. Danno said they almost need a traffic cop on the weekends to direct traffic in and out of the parking lot.

I ordered the meatloaf, potato salad, coleslaw, with baked beans. My bar for meatloaf, coleslaw, and potato salad is high because those are some of Jilda's specialties. While the meal today wasn't quite as good as hers, it was better than I've had in a restaurant in a long time. I was surprised...and happy.

While food is always high on my list of event'ish things, we had other good things that happened today too. Jilda had her annual evaluation at work and her boss pretty much said that she walked on water. She got a raise. She was happy which made me happy.

I learned today that I have a new job that starts on March 1. I'll be working part-time at the newspaper where my column runs each week. I'll be doing feature stories, and taking pictures from around my hometown. The publisher also wants me to do short documentary videos.  This is exactly the work that I love doing. I won't tell the publisher this, but I've done it for free in the past.

So tonight, I'm sipping red wine as I type this entry. Color me happy.


  1. Consider me happy dancing for and with you.

  2. Very good news indeed!

  3. What a happy day for you ! I love the color red and that picture amplifies happiness for me. Congrats on the job! Sounds like your cup of tea for sure and congrats to Jilda too.

  4. Sounds good to me. After 30 I tried to tell the boys or anyone who would listen, find something you love to do that someone will pay to do and live happy. NEVER DREAD MONDAYS!
    Good for you. Glad for you, good stuff.

  5. Super congrats! I'm happy for Jilda too! I love the red in the photo and you look very snappy, but I smiled when I saw the "Watkins" sign because is should have said "Watson" two are a hot commodity! Good luck in your new job...perfect for you!

  6. Congrats on the new job and Jilda on the raise! Im glad you found a job with your passion. I think this calls for a nice date night for you two. Good luck!!

  7. Congratulations, Rick and Jilda!
    I just checked out Country Junction on TripAdvisor ... it's definitely going on my burgeoning 'must visit' list.

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Apparently you AND Jilda both do very fine work!!

  9. You should both celebrate in the fashion that you both love. I like your picture with the bright red behind you. Right now we having freezing rain and it is going to snow so bad weather conditions-enjoy the bold red of that place you were at

  10. Super! Happy for Jilda and you!

  11. Rick, you're a good man and it shows. Congratulations to you and Jilda. I'm happy for both of you. I knew something better would come along and it didn't take long at all. Good luck seems to follow you.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. Congratulations to you both

  13. Heartiest best wishes for your part time job
    and congratulations for the success :)


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