Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Second snow

The college sent out an emergency alert yesterday afternoon saying the college would be closed today due to the potential for hazardous weather. In the past, I would have whined about this because I'd have to make up the time. That's no longer true.

So this morning we slept until almost 7 a.m. We kept our eyes on the sky but the snow didn't come. The weather radar showed the clouds lifting just before the snow reached us. But there was more snow to the south in Mississippi. Around noon we began to see if fall outside our window. A flock of Orioles swooped in from the south to feast on the birdseed and suet we'd put out this morning. The flakes were slow to fall at first, but it got steady over time. It wasn't wet snow like the one we had in December. It was dry snow and not good for making snowballs.

The temps are dropping. It will be in the single digits by morning. I had to go out this evening and put long johns on our chicken.

The reason for the weather alerts is that the roadbed is still wet from the melting snow. By morning, it will be a solid sheet of ice. Schools will be closed tomorrow too.

Tonight, Jilda made chicken and dumplings with collards.  It was the perfect cold-weather dish.

I hope your Tuesday has been special.


  1. Love that photo.
    Stay warm, stay safe.

  2. With all that cold weather watch out, you southerners may get as mean as us Yankees. The cold weather does that.

  3. As I was reading your entry I was watching my neighborhood squirrel digging for acorns out in the snow here. There is a good supply from the oak tree, but he's having to work for his breakfast today. We have snow too. That ice is the worst part of winter for sure. Glad you could stay home where it is safe and warm.

  4. I like the b/w snow shot. I can remember when 7am was 'sleeping in!' I am glad it is just a memory. Now 9am is normal, 10-11 is sleeping in. Ahhhh old age, the fun time (when you ain't hurting!)

  5. Your thinking bench looks lovely!

  6. Long johns on the chickens. Haha

  7. A sleep in is nice, nothing like snow days here


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