Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Just what my spirit needed

I've been in a bit of a daze since Monday. To use a tired metaphor, you could say I'm at low tide. I won't say why, but I wrote about it today for my column that runs Sunday. You can read it on Monday evening. But something happened this evening that was like a salve for a burn.

Our niece called earlier in the day and asked if I could pick up Jordan from school. Her folks had last-minute things come up and they needed a relief picker-upper. I smiled when I hung up the phone. Some time with that wacky kid was just what my soul needed.

Arriving at the school 20 minutes early, I sat in the truck with the windows rolled down. The breeze out of the west was chilly but the afternoon sun coming through my windshield was like the heat of a radiator at the old grammar school I attended.

When it was time, I walked over and sat on a low stone wall by the entryway and waited for "the package."

He's normally among the second wave of kids that come out after school. He came through the door and smiled as he saw me. When he came over, he reached for my hand and we walked toward the truck. Soon, he will be too old to hold my hand as we walk through traffic. But I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Once in the truck, I ask him what was new. He went into depth about the new game his mom bought for him for his birthday. His rapid-fire descriptions of characters, weapons, and modules were over my head, but I acted as if I were a player too – asking for clarification and details.

Jilda had to head off to work soon after we arrived home, but she'd made him mash potatoes, broccoli, and baked a chicken breast. He woofed it down plus a piece of her banana bread.

After he ate, we went outside to stretch our legs. Spending time with this youngun' was just what I needed to lift my spirits.

I could probably rent him out to people with depression. I can promise you – a little time with this youngun' is better than any high-priced therapy.

One of my favorite pictures of my great nephew Jordan


  1. My grandchildren give me agida.

  2. Jordan always looks up beat. had a kid once who could lift me from the pits to heaven. He is 30+ now and in Utah! I still remember those days!
    YOu are good at causing RECALL! ..... ....THANKS i AM SEEING HIM NOW!

  3. That's a great picture of Jordan. He looks a bit like Dwight Yoakam wth that hat.
    Kids are the best medicine.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I have many grandchildren to brighten my days like that, but two of them have always stood out and I call them my Sunshine Boys! They always do the trick and have brighten many dark days for me. That's what your Jordan is -- pure sunshine !

  5. When my niece came over and I played with her or watched a movie, any sadness left for that time. Enjoy every moment with this beautiful boy. I send my heartfelt thoughts to you

  6. How could you stay in the doldrums with a smile like that looking at you?

  7. :)

    Oh, sweet!

    I am blessed with a great-nephew too.

  8. The love you two share fairly leaps off the screen! What a sweetheart.


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