Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lonesome places

On this day back in 2011, I drove to the Southeast edge of Alabama. I could have taken a rock and thrown it to Georgia if the wind was calm. I was interviewing the richest man in Alabama.

It was warm for January. The sun was out when I set out that morning. I drove down Alabama roads I'd never taken that day. Old abandoned farmhouses, and fallow fields that were once the livelihood of people in this part of the state. That was back when cotton was king. When the farmers aged, many of their kids couldn't see their future in the fields so the left for Atlanta, Montgomery, and other cities where they could find work.

The land, in many places, looked lonesome.  I pulled to the side of the road to stretch my legs at one point. Of course, I chose an abandoned homeplace with trees hanging full of Spanish Moss.

I'm guessing there was a lifetime of memories left behind under that tin roof. This house was in better condition than many places. It looked as if part of the roof had been replaced, but there were no windows or doors. I wanted to hop over the fence and have a look around but thought better of it.  So I snapped a few pictures and let my imagination do the rest. 


  1. I imagine finding a dude with a shotgun asking "Can I help you stranger?"

  2. What a great shot. the house thru the 'bearded tree'. You positioned that for a postcard! Good stuff!

  3. That a great shot. I love the mossy tree keeping guard over that little cabin.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. There are many lonesome looking places like that when you go out in the country here. Many farmers sell out and find a different way of living. You can always tell the ones that are thriving. It does make me wonder why the land isn't sold.

  5. That did make for a nice picture. I remember a lot of places back home like this from when the people abandoned their farms to go and work in the mills.

  6. Old abandoned buildings hold a fascination for me. The stories they could tell...

  7. What an amazing old building, I do like the look of old buildings


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