Saturday, January 27, 2018

It's all I have

When Jilda and I were younger, we often partied all night and hit the ground running the next day as if it were any other. That ship sailed several years back. We can party all night now...well, that's probably a stretch – we CAN stay up after our bedtime, but the next day we spend a lot of time drooling and staring into space as if we were looking for the mother ship.

Last night we were up almost until midnight and we paid for it today. We'd promised our friends Kaye and Jamie that we'd have dinner with them tonight. Had we not canceled the last time because Jilda had the flu, we would have begged off tonight, but we put our big girl panties on...wait, that didn't come out right. But you get the picture. We drove into Birmingham through torrential rain to have dinner with them. It was a delightful visit. Jamie has owned restaurants before and the food was incredible. But we said our goodbyes early and headed home.

I didn't take a picture today so I dug through the archives. I found a picture I'd taken near Pebble Beach, California in 2004. It made me smile when I saw it and decided it would be perfect for tonight.


  1. There are times when I'm on call and I'm up all night and still expected to work a full day the next's incredibly hard! We don't even like to drive after dark anymore! So I totally get how you guys feel about "all nighters" as we used to call it. Your photo is beautiful and I bet it makes you want to visit there again. You asked about printing your blog so if you go to: it will take you through the steps to printing your blog. You can pick out the cover and what you want in it. They turn out pretty nice and the price depends on the number of pages in it. Check it out and good luck!

  2. I can't pull an all nighter anymore either and I need the nap...
    Wow, what a great photo. It looks very exotic.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I'm one who can hardly stay up past 9:00 and rarely do. My partying days are over for sure. It's nice to get together with friends though. Mine are like me so our parties always end early. Even the ones with family end early as there are little ones who still go to bed early. As you say life goes on... Thanks for the beach picture ! The beach always makes me smile.

  4. This post is totally relatable, as we rarely stay up past 10! I never watch the evening news (it's too depressing), so why stay up?
    The photo is so beautiful! Love it.

  5. I've never been able to party all night and hit the ground running the next day. I've always been the kind of person who needs a lot of sleep.


  6. I too used to be able to go go go forever. Now if I try to stay up too late I suddenly find myself waking up and missing an hour or two. Then I have to summon the strength to make it to bed before falling asleep again.

  7. Im in the bed by 11:30. However, if we are out later, I can usually catch a second wind and hang in there.
    That is a beautiful photo.

  8. The joys of getting older

  9. The Lone Cypress of Pebble Beach is an iconic example of the Monterey Cypress. The Monterey Cypress is one of the parents of the hybrid Leyland Cypress, which you have used as a Christmas tree. So, cool pic!


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