Saturday, January 20, 2018

Winter sky

Today was visitation day. Jilda's brother has some health issues and we ran by this morning to check on him. He was sitting up in his bed and looking through the windows at the winter sky. The light made him look stronger. The sky has been remarkable today.

After lunch, we headed to the river to visit one of our oldest and dearest friends who is gravely ill. It was difficult seeing him so weak but we put on our happy faces. 

After a while, we joined his wife on their screen porch. She was out there with several other friends who'd dropped by to check on them. I sat with my back to the screen. The sun felt good on my shoulders. 

Jilda and I both promised her we would not overstay our welcome so after about an hour, we said our goodbyes.  We were both glad to see them but the visit made us both sad.

Just out of their driveway I noticed grass by the roadside with the winter sky as the backdrop. I pulled to the edge of the next to their pasture fence and sat for a moment with the engine idling. 

There were so many emotions running through my head. I pulled the phone from my pocket and snapped a picture. The winter sky almost made me smile.


  1. Beauty to ease the sadness. We are provided for.

  2. Wise folk know there is a time limit around the sick or bereaved. It is a sad person who doesn't know that.
    This is a time the (just about) buttermilk sky truly added to a landscape. Good catch.

  3. A very rough day. I am glad that you had some beauty (and Jilda) in it as well.

  4. We all need that beauty in our lives to remind us how much life is worth living.

  5. Its hard to see friends and family in that state of being. Looking toward the sky and feeling the sunshine on your soulder will give you peace sometimes but the struggle is real.

  6. I'm sure your visits meant a lot to Jilda's brother and to your friend. It's so good to know that someone cares when you're not well.
    I like the picture.


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