Thursday, January 18, 2018

Moving on

Things are winding down at work. I spent much of today boxing up loaner laptops, books, and other things I've used in the last few years. 

I took a load to the Dean's office around lunch today. I have more to take in the coming days. And even more to toss before I start hauling my personal things home. 

I'll miss the view from my office window and the sound of rain on the cobblestone in the courtyard – and the way sunlight slashes through my blinds and crawls across my office floor.  I'll also miss the ornamental cherry trees that bloom early in spring. 

But it's time to move on and I'm excited about the next phase of my life adventure. 


  1. I would miss that glorious tree too, but am very glad that you are excited about the future.

  2. This job seems to have been a perfect fit for you and I know you'll miss it and your office window...but when one door closes another opens and it already sounds like a few of them have presented themselves. May they be an even better fit than this one! That cherry tree is beautiful and just what I needed today letting me know that yes, Spring will come again.

  3. One of my favorite times in life. It was always sort of like those Cherry trees Blooming. THE START of something new, different, a new place.... The best to you my friend, Imma thinking you are gonna love it!

  4. Here is to bigger and better things.

  5. Dear Rick, may you know happiness and contentment in whatever lies ahead. Peace.

  6. On to a new chapter Rick, it is time to turn the page my friend...

  7. you will soon find a better view. Just watch and see.


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