Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A little spring color

This past weekend we put flowers on the graves of our parents. It's easy to get swept along a the speed of life and forget where you came from, and who you are.

We put flowers on their graves before Christmas, but the sun and rain on those silk flowers made them a little sad. Since the explosion of color all around us, we thought a little color on their resting places would be just the ticket. Jilda suggested daffodils. I thought that was a perfect choice.


  1. The sunshine on a stalk that is a daffodil is indeed the perfect choice.

  2. I love the cheerfulness of daffodils and I can't wait for mine to come up this spring.It really brighten up your parent's resting place.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. It is so important to remember those good people that made us what we are and like you I put flowers on my parents graves. Not yet though, hopefully in a few weeks the snow will be gone and yes! Daffodils are my favorite Spring flower!

  4. That stone is much like Sherry's folks stone, except the stone vases do not have the initial on them. She is gonna like this. Now that we travel she is faithful to pick someone and hand them money to change the flowers on "mama and daddy's grave" in the time we are absent. SWEET!

  5. The daffodils add a bit of cheer.

  6. The Daffodils look great. A place like that needs cheering up. This is a nice photo of you.

  7. Sunshine and daffodils so nice


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