Sunday, March 18, 2018


Both Jilda and her sister have birthdays in March. Casie, one of her sister Pat's grandchildren cooked lunch for everyone today.

When Jilda and I arrived at noon, Casie's three children were sitting on the porch waiting. When I stepped up on the porch, all three kids came over and gave me a hug. Payton, the little girl on the right of me in the picture below said, "I read your story in the paper today." She went inside and got the paper off the couch and tapped on my picture.

She proceeded to tell me about what she'd read. It was the first time that she realized I was the writer who wrote a weekly column in the paper. Her mother has mentioned my column to me a number of times while we were down there when I wrote something that resonated with her, but the kids always seemed to busy to make the connection.

I sat on the porch with the kids for awhile talking about school, homework, and an upcoming trip to the state capitol this coming week.

Later when we were all inside, I heard Payton telling Jilda about my story. She ended by saying, "It was a good story." Hearing that made me smile

We gave Payton's younger brother Parker a joke book for Christmas. Today as we sat in the living room, he shared one of the jokes he'd read in the book. "Do you know what kind of tree grows in your hand?" he asked. No was my reply. "A palm tree. Get it, a palm tree." I acted as if that was the funniest joke I'd ever heard. That tickled him. I love it when kids begin to read and talk about the things they've read.


  1. And just like that, you became famous.
    Cute kids.

  2. It was a fulfilling day for you. A gift enjoyed and a new fan.

  3. What a delightful day. For everyone. And hooray for encouraging reading.

  4. That is better than money! Unless your hungry.

  5. It's wonderful to see children that like to read and hearing those compliments about your writing must have made your heart feel good!

  6. Yep, kids need to read. I was too slow to read!

  7. It would be exciting for the children to know someone who has something published in the paper

  8. This is a sweet moment and it makes me happy that they like books and like your stories. Great picture!


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