Friday, March 09, 2018

Called in

Today was freedom Friday for us. No commitments. No to-dos that were on fire. We "Called in drunk," as they sometimes say here in Alabama.

I picked up a New York Times yesterday and we read it this morning as we slowly sipped our steaming mugs of coffee. Life is good.

After doing a few chores around the house, we took the dogs for a walk. The sun was warm, but the breeze was out of the north. I had on a long-sleeve shirt, but Jilda wore a jacket.

On the second lap, I sat on the thinking bench for a moment petting Caillou. Jilda snapped a picture of me for my blog tonight.

Before ending our walk, I also shot a picture of our red tips. The color this time of year is remarkable.


  1. That red positively blazes.
    And the photo of you and Caillou is a heart melter.

  2. A picture to cherish - Caillou and Rick.

  3. Beautiful Rick. The ultimate photo of relaxation with Caillou.

    1. Not signed in this is Kenneth Hardin

  4. Oh, your red tips are beautiful. It must look amazing when the top of the bush is blazing red...A nice pensive photo of you and Caillou. Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Glad you had a wonderful day. I loved both pictures.

  6. Love that photo of Caillou and you.

  7. How nice to have a day to yourselves.

  8. Living in the present is sometimes the best thing you can do when the mind has a mind of its own.

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