Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ready for spring

And today the dogwoods bloomed. They'd been on the cusp for several days last week, but then cooler weather returned. I guess after the light frost, they decided to take another nap.

Yesterday the temps were in the 70s and today it was close to 80. On the first lap of our morning walk, we noticed the buckeye bush was in bloom. Then when we walked the barn road back toward the main road and the mailbox, we noticed several white clouds in the hollow.

When we walked up the hill and into the driveway, the ancient dogwood in our front yard confirmed that they were ready for spring.

These blossoms will develop even further in coming days. The petals are smaller and have a hint of green around the flowering heads. When they fully bloom, there will be as big around as a tennis ball.

It's amazing to me that Mother Nature doesn't charge for this stuff.


  1. Too bad the show is so short. Still several weeks away from spring in Jersey.

  2. Dogwood is my favorite. And all your pictures are lovely.

  3. It is SUCH an exciting and invigorating time.

  4. Your Dogwood blossoms are so beautiful. It amazes me that such beauty can come out of hard wood branches.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. The best things in life are free !

  6. When we were kids, dogwood blossoms and bumblebees were signs that it was warm enough to be allowed to go barefoot.

  7. I always think of my Grandmother when I see dogwoods (only in photos like yours, no dogwoods in the desert). She loved them which drew my attention. They must be special because my wonderful Grandmother liked them. :-)

  8. Me 'n dogwoods get-along. I love 'em and they tolerate me. From a child I thought it was amazing to see a tree full of flowers! I am still amazed every spring!

  9. Your temperatures are a little too warm for me. I am looking forward to flowers though.


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