Friday, March 23, 2018

Happy Birthday JIlda

Today was my lovely spouse's birthday. It's been a good day. This was the year she had to renew her driver's license. When I tried to renew online, the service said we'd have to go into the office. I told her that she'd probably have to take a driver's test. I was, of course, joking, but she fretted about getting the license renewed until she sat down in the chair for the clerk to snap another picture.

We were going out tonight to our favorite restaurant, but we opted to stay home and grill steaks instead.

Jilda's best friend from high school posted a picture of the both of them at the beach on Facebook. When I saw the picture come across my timeline I had to smile. 

Jilda also came across a timely video today. It's about 4 minutes long but well worth the time to watch it. 

I hope today has been a good one for you too.


  1. Happy Birthday Jilda.

  2. Of course Happy Birthday to Jilda. BUT I did watch the graphic. I am sure the producer painted with too broad a brush. Any one can enjoy life and still prepare for the future. I sit here VERY satisfied with the life I look back on as I near 80 in a few months. PLEASE DO NOT THINK life ends at 62 or 65. Both of you guys will most likely stay healthy. Most of our adventures in life occurred AFTER that dreaded 65 (to some). I think you and Jilda have lived life up to now. Plan well and you can continue to ENJOY plans well into your senior years. LIFE is different for us all. BUT it can be exciting until the 80's I know. Whether you are a local historian or world traveler. I feel sad for someone who cannot dance to the music all their lives.

  3. The photo identifies Jilda and her friend as participants in "the dance" --loved the video. After a particularly trying week, your post has helped calm me. Thank you, Rick.

  4. I love the picture of the happy dance ! Birthdays are special and should be celebrated to the fullest. Seined my best of wishes to the birthday girl. Hope it was a happy birthday and have a happy year!

  5. Opps ! That is sending wishes ...

  6. Jilda is so pretty!

  7. 66 is only a number, Happy Birthday Jilda. Continue dancing on your journey and turn up the music.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful lady. Isn’t it wonderful to grow old because so many don’t have that luxury. We may gripe about pain, sagging stuff, grey hairs, etc.... but I think we are so lucky to reach this point and should cherish every day despite the crap. I bet, if we could talk to people who died young, like Jame Dean or Marilyn Monroe, to use 2 very famous icons, they would say they wished they could get grey hairs, gripe about pain etc...They were never given the chance. So love every day even when you hate it and enjoy every birthday by eating lots of cake, talking to friends and loved ones and smell the flowers

  9. Memories in pictures are the best. That is an excellent video about music.

  10. Happy Birthday Jilda.


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