Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Fun Tuesday

The sky was overcast for much of the day. This week is Spring Break so the schools were out. Jordan's Pop had a routine medical test today so he had a choice to sit in a doctor's office for several hours or come and hang with us. No Brainer.

He brought his stuff over. The first thing he does is remove his shoes and put them on the mantle in the living room. I taught him to do that years ago when he lost his shoes during one of his visits. He never forgot and he does it now without fail.

Later we ran to Walmart to pick up some things. Jilda had given him $4 to buy a toy. She went to pick up the items we needed. Jordan and I headed to the toy aisle. It's a routine I've adjusted to. He evaluates each toy and calculates in his head if he has enough money to pay. He even calculates the tax which is something that requires the calculator on my phone in cases where I need to get an exact number.

The things he wanted totaled $5 and he struggled with the choice. I let him run through all the scenarios before telling him I'd pitch in the difference. He chose a Slinky, some slime that looked like tar, and some type of tiny action figure.

When we got to the register, he handed me his money. I made a show of putting it in my pocket in front of Jilda and then slipped it back for him to put in his pocket. She saw the transaction out of the corner of her eye. I know because I saw her smile.

When we got back, we went for a walk. I noticed apple blossoms earlier in the week, but today was the first day without wind so I took the opportunity to snap a picture.

It was still overcast, but I thought the light made the color pop.

Hope your Tuesday was as much fun as ours.


  1. Beautiful blossom.
    That boy has you wrapped around his little finger - and wonderful place to be.

  2. Only a boy could lose his shoes inside a house. I loved slinkies, until I eventually twisted them.

  3. Because we all need Slinkys and Slime!!!

  4. Those Slinkys are pretty cool. I remember when my kids were little how popular they were. My grandkids boys love slime too. I wish the tax was included in the price. It would be so much easier for us to know exactly how much things really cost... Our tax is 15%.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I never could figure out what it is about slime that the kids seem to love so much...not my cup of tea for sure, but it is a favorite with my grandchildren. You have such a beautiful variety of things blooming there around your house. What a blessing ! Still nothing green growing or blooming going on here.

  6. I just know the dude can handle spoiling in a manly fashion! YOu on the other hand are a push over, even 'Ole Hook knows it.

  7. I love apple blossoms!!

  8. You and Jordan have such a special connection.

  9. What a rewarding relationship you and Jordan have!
    The apple blossom is lovely, and sometimes overcast is great for pictures because there aren't any harsh shadows.


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