Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fun day with the seniors

We played at an assisted living home today. The last time we did one of these, all the residents wanted to hear were gospel songs. Jilda probably knows them all, but my playing them on the guitar is another story altogether. But the folks today enjoyed what we did and were vocal about it.

The director told us that we must have really hit it off because some of the residents had already told her to get us back. I was tickled to hear that.

We started at two and were finished loading the gear back in the car by 3:15. Since we didn't go to Jilda's favorite restaurant yesterday for her birthday, we decided to go today.

It's been a delightful day.

I hope today has been good for you too.


  1. I am not surprised you were invited back. And hope Jilda's delayed birthday dinner was delicious.

  2. I play for seniors also, every day in my basement by myself.

  3. Beautiful picture of the birthday girl. It is always good to bring joy into the lives of those who are passing the last of their lives and know it. I say that as one who will in a few years be a resident!

  4. Even when the short-term memory is gone, the memory of those gospel songs from childhood can still be tucked away somewhere and it brings a lot of joy to the residents.
    Good for you and Jilda for playing and singing for them.
    Great pic of Jilda.

  5. That is a fantastic picture of Jilda. She looks right at home under a blossoming tree.

  6. Good for you two for doing this for the seniors on Jilda's birthday. For some, they may be they may not be there the next time you play at the senior complex. Jilda looks lovely under the blossom canopy. I hope the birthday meal was fantastic.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Yes sounds like a lovely day


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