Friday, March 16, 2018

Thanks, Mister Sol

I had errands today so I didn't get my steps in as I usually do. This evening while Jilda prepared dinner, I took the jump-jump to the back porch and marched my last 5000 steps on a tiny trampoline. It's easy on my knees.

After I finished, I took the jumper inside and grabbed a glass of water. The sun was setting to the west and the evening critters were aflutter.

Ol' Hook the wonder dog stood guard on the steps to keep those pesky squirrels aloft.  I sat in silence taking it all in. When I looked down at the steps, I noticed the sun peeping through the pine and lighting up a flower pot that we used to grow herbs last summer. The herbs are long gone, but we left the pot there because we'll use it again this spring.

Winter had coated the northwest edge of the pot with a fuzz of moss. The sun pointed out to me just how beautiful it was. That would have been easy to miss. Thanks, Mister Sol.


  1. Taking time to really look so often pays beauty dividends doesn't it?

  2. If I took a hundred painting classes I couldn't create a piece of pottery as beautiful as Mother Nature did on your herb pot! There certainly is beauty in the every day isn't there. Have a good weekend!

  3. Mother Nature is always painting on whatever needs her attention. Nothing escapes her eyes or yours. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Oh yes, Mr. Sol is wonderful and nature does never fail to delight us. Glad you took the time to look around and find the perfect picture to show today.

  5. Thanks indeed. Think how pretty it will be when the herbs are filling it.

  6. Good read as always. We got in out 2.5 miles... Life is good!

  7. Yeah a good post about a good life just so you know


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