Saturday, March 03, 2018

Close calls and camellia blossoms

Today's been hectic. It started out well, but then our sister-in-law who'd headed down to Sumiton to get a haircut was rear-ended. She wasn't injured but the incident set a chain of events that took charge of our day. She's home now and resting and we are thankful. It could have been much worse.

On a more colorful note, I took a bag of garbage to the fence to put in our receptacle and noticed that the last camellia blossom had fallen off sometime in the night.  It looked a little sad so I let Photoshop have its way with the photograph.

Here's to close calls and camellia blossoms.


  1. I'm glad all went well with your sister-in-law. I hope the rest of your weekend is great and I still am amazed at your lovely flowers! Can't wait to see them up North!

  2. I am so glad that your sister-in-law wasn't hurt. And love those fallen blooms.

  3. I am so enjoying seeing a bit of Spring there threw your eyes. We are still snow covered ! Thank the dear Lord your SIL is okay. We really just never know what each day will bring.

  4. Glad your SIL is ok. Did she ever get her hair cut? And perhaps Spring will SPRING soon! I guess you all are warmer than we are here in TN.

  5. Some days are diamonds; some days are coal.

  6. I'm glad your sister in law wasn't hurt. Accidents happens when you least expect them.
    I'm sure everyone who loves her are also relieved that she's OK. Cars are replaceable.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Oh yeah, we have these plans, and life gets in the way. Glad sis wasn't hurt also.
    Photoshop done good!

  8. Yes good to hear your sister inlaw wasn't hurt and all is good


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