Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Time in the sun

We had someone come to our house today that has never been here before. Our directions are good, but people still struggle out here where cell reception can be spotty, and GPS sometimes takes visitors on adventures.

I called to verify she felt comfortable driving here, but I went out and sat on the bench by the front walk to wait. The turn into our driveway is sudden and people often pass it by before realizing they should have turned.  

As I sat on the bench, the birds and squirrels decided I was not an imminent threat and proceeded to feed. I heard a squirrel scampering across the metal roof and jumped onto the Rose-a-Sharon bush standing by the bench. He was halfway to the ground when he noticed me on the bench. He stood as still as a stone. His obsidian eyes looked me over. He was close enough that I could have reached out and petted him. When I eased my hand toward my pocket to get my phone for a picture, he darted to the ground and was gone in a flash.

The sound of our visitor's SUV preceded her arrival and she apparently had listened to the directions I gave because she pulled right into the driveway.

The wind out of the north was frigid, but I enjoyed those few moments in the sun visiting with our critters.

Since I didn't get a picture of a squirrel, I had to go back through the archives and settle on a picture of what I call a white dove.


  1. That time in the sun sounds restorative and just plain WONDERFUL.

  2. Time in the sun is a good way to recharge your energy.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Like you I can never get a picture of the squirrels that play in the trees here and eat the fallen acorns on the ground. The slightest movement will send them running. Doves are beautiful to see and I love to hear them cooing. Your picture is great!

  4. Few things can match just sitting in the sun watching. The animals and the plants all put on a show that we don't take time to see as often as we should.

  5. I watch hummingbirds here. Have to sit quietly and smile.

  6. That time in the sun sounds restorative and just plain WONDERFUL.

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