Friday, March 30, 2018

Work day

We have company coming tomorrow so we've spent the day cleaning up the clutter. I took off a truckload of magazines and other stuff that's been around for much too long.

The deck looked as though it had a coat of yellow paint applied during the last few weeks. It was pine pollen. Fortunately, the rain washed most of it off our cars and off the metal roof, but there was still some on the porch. It took a while but it looks much better this evening. I bought a small pressure washer recently, and I'll have my way with it soon.

It felt good to work today. Writing is work, but it seems it makes me wearier that manual labor. 

This morning during our walk, Jilda saw the first daisy blooming. She didn't have her phone with her so she pointed it out to me. It's the only picture I shot today.

She made a centerpiece for the table out of dogwood, apple blossoms, and wild honeysuckle (azaleas.) It was beautiful. You can check it out over on her blog by clicking here.


  1. Pine pollen? I would be in misery with my eyes and nose running.
    That centrepiece sounds truly beautiful so I will head over to ogle it.

  2. It's always nice seeing some greenery and flowers growing this time of year, but the pollen is another thing. We get lots of it every spring.
    Happy Easter

  3. When spring gets here we do get pollen, but not from pine trees. My car will always get a dusting till the rain washes it off. I did check out the beautiful flowers and am now following her blog too.

  4. Spring ha sprung for you. I'm a bit jealous. I have already seen Jilda's flowers. Gorgeous.

  5. I bet the center piece is beautiful. The lady is crafty!
    Happy EAster...


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