Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Prime the pump

Some days writing ideas come to me like mosquitos to a fat baby. And some days I couldn't buy one with an AmEx Platinum card.  Today was one of the latter. Of course, my column deadline is in the morning. But rather than stress, I took my honey out for a late breakfast.

I eventually wrote my column at Starbucks over a cafe mocha.  I don't get to Starbucks often so it was a treat. I pushed my headphones into my ears knuckle deep, cranked up the deep concentration music on my phone and cranked that baby up.

Soon, the words were flowing. They may be crap, but I got through it. I've written this weekly column for 12 years and this nightly blog for 13 years. It stands to reason that the well will run dry from time to time. That's when you need to prime the pump. 

The picture below has nothing to do with this post, but it's one I took out west a few years ago. I have used it so I thought I would.


  1. That is a truly sublime scene.

  2. I remember pumps it seemed you needed more water to prime the pump than others, but you know it is down there. It is always good to see the water when it comes. Love the pictures, favors the Tetons!

  3. Sometimes it takes walking a way for awhile to our inspiration back. Starbucks is a treat for me as we don't have one close by, but I do love a good cup of coffee !

  4. That is a sublime photo. I can just imagine being near that body of water with the beautiful mountains in the back. What a serine place.

    Writing has to be inspired to me otherwise I come out dry too. Of course I don't write regularly like you as I don't even take the time to write. Getting away was a great idea.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Nothing can prime the pump like Starbuck!

  6. Need coffee, right now.


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