Tuesday, March 20, 2018

No spring is spring until it's spring

Last night was tense. The weatherman came on early because of storms on the ground just north of us. Had the wind not been howling, I sure we could have stepped out front and hear the tornado sirens in the next county to the north of us. But this time we were fortunate.

This morning, social media was buzzing with pictures of storm damage. Our friend Bob who founded Berkely Bob's Coffee House where we perform each year had damage from hailstones the size of baseballs. It the stones damaged his roof and knocked all the windows out of their car. 

The storms moved off to Tennessee, Carolina, and points north. Tonight, our friends to the south in Florida are expected to have bad weather. 

Today after lunch, the cold front that was one of the components in this outbreak came through here. The wind picked up and the temp dropped. I'd been walking in shorts and a tee shirt this past week, but I bundled up today. 

Fortunately,  the hail didn't come through here. In years past, our fruit trees blossomed and bloomed early only to have all the fruit stripped off by hailstorms and wind.

Today, there were no bees buzzing about but they were OK. 

As we walked around the barn, I looked up at the oak and hickory trees. They were there long before we moved here in 1980. They were all still bare. They are rarely fooled and understand deep within their rings that no spring is spring until it's spring.


  1. Nature pays no attention to the calendar. Which is often just as well.

  2. Its hit and miss here. One day warm, the next day cold. We had storms last night also. Today they say we may see some snow flurries but looking at my weather app its 61 dgrees right now at 7:30am

    1. Oops 61 was yesterdays temp. My phone updated and its actually 38 degrees, so yea, we might see some snow.

  3. No spring here...just snow. I have faith that sooner than later it will eventually come.

  4. I think that all the atrocities and negative energy that is going on in the world today is bound to have an effect on the the weather. After all , all is energy. Even people with negative energy can affect our own energy and make us sick. Mother Nature is not changing, she goes by the rules set in place but doing her work may have become a bit difficult but she will win.
    Spring will happen when we let it come naturally. She brought us a new day and we should be thankful.

    I'm glad that you got spared the baseball size hail. Holly Molly...
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Your part of the country has has more than its share of horrible weather. Be watchful and stay safe.

  6. Yeah, we had Tornado warnings over most of Florida. But I still got some work done, with an eye to the sky! Sorry some got BB size hail, but glad you did not.

  7. I am surprised that tornadoes can be around even this early but I guess I don’t know enough. At least the trees are ok and I love that picture!

  8. Hope all is well with you and the storms aren't too bad. Just snow up here! Yep, happy spring is still a few weeks away for us!


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