Sunday, May 20, 2018


Our dance cards have been punched these last several weeks. We had nothing on our calendar for today. So, we sipped coffee and read the papers this morning. It felt good to veg out.

Yesterday, before heading out to the wedding, we walked down and surveyed the garden. The tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are coming along nicely. 

When I checked the blueberries, they were hanging full. The wasn't enough time to pick them so I made a mental note to do that this morning.

While Jilda did a few chores, I took a basket and headed to the berries. You can't get in a hurry while picking blueberries. They play hide-and-seek with the limbs and leaves. I picked about an hour and took over a gallon of blueberries inside.

We'll eat some and start putting bags in the freezer. We can use the frozen berries in the protein shakes we have in the morning. Jilda also tosses some in her pancakes and waffles.  Before the end of the season, she'll make a blueberry pound cake.

We once had casualties here at a party when two people went for the last piece of her blueberry pound cake. Fortunately, the injuries didn't require medical attention and the two people involved began talking to each other again a few months after the altercation :)

NOTE: On Tuesday, my blog friend Dee Ready will do a guest post on my blog. Dee recently published a book, Prayer is Not Enough, about her eight years in a Benedictine convent in the 1960s. 
I enoyed this book. I hope you'll tune in on Tuesday.


  1. Love blueberries

  2. I am really looking forward to Dee's post. And to her book which is edging ever closer to the top of my to be read towers.

  3. Oh wow! A gallon of fresh blueberries is a treat. Your hard work certain will pay off. Having some in the freezer for later on is a wonderful thing. Hope this new week is a wonderful one for you !

  4. The berries are so plump. They will be a juicy addition to whatever you put them in. Can't wait for the guest post.

  5. I do not think I have ever tried a blueberry

  6. Oh, that is a mother load of blueberries. I think I'm envious of your crop.
    Hugs, Julia


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