Thursday, May 24, 2018

Enjoyable afternoon

My old partner in crime a the college sent me a text yesterday and wanted to meet me for lunch. I had business in Jasper, so I told him I'd be glad to break bread.

His boss from one of his part-time jobs was with him. He chose Johnny Brusco's New York Style Pizza. Had I laid money on my guess for Danny's pick, I would have walked away with the money. He LOVES Italian food. 

He and his boss chose Stromboli sandwiches, but I went with the Calzone. Mine was scrumptious. They said theirs were too.

After lunch, Danny wanted to find a place to have a music festival. I told him about a bluegrass venue that my accountant own. He wanted to see it. I cleared the visit to the park with my accountant and then we headed out.

The park is a few hundred acres on Blackwater River. It's some of the most beautiful property around here. He took pictures of the stage, concession stand, restrooms and other park features. We then walked down to the water's edge. 

My accountant installed about 30 RV parking spots on the edge of the river. Danny and I walked down to the water and onto the deck built over one section of rapids on the river. The roar of water rushing over the rocks was intoxicating. We stood there for a long while leaning on the wooden rails. Mockingbirds must have had a nest nearby because one was telling us the news.  

On the ride back to the city, he said I think this place will do. I think he's planning on a retro band festival with groups that were on top of the world when we were younger. Classic Rock is huge around here and I'm guessing it will do well.

Even if nothing comes from it, we had an enjoyable afternoon.


  1. If that photo was from your afternoon meander you would have found it hard to tear me away. Serene and lovely.

  2. Sounds like a winner. The rapids certainly add to a 'campground', that is for dang sure. I love pulling the rv in beside a river.

  3. Yes it does sound like a great afternoon. A friend, good food and a wonderful place to see. Can't get a whole lot better.

  4. It all sound great to me. A lovely afternoon for sure.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. That is one lovely spot. It revitalizes the spirit to watch the water flow by.

  6. If he builds that retro band festival we will come!


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