Friday, May 25, 2018


I made a mistake.  When I took Cailou to the vet a few weeks ago, she suggested I take him to a pet grooming place and get him a summer cut. "He'll be more comfortable in the summer months," she said. I'm always mindful of the health of my friends, so I decided to get him a trim.

I took him in early Thursday morning. They said they'd call when I could pick him up. It was almost 4 p.m. when my cell buzzed in my pocket. I drove over the pay the tab and pick my pup up.

When they brought him out, I didn't recognize him. A summer cut apparently means they shave off his coat. He is a proud dog. I never realized it, but I think he was almost embarrassed.

When I got him home, our other dogs thought he was a new animal here. It took them a while to adjust.

His coat grows fast and I know he will be more comfortable in the months to come, but I can tell you I won't do this again. He can stay inside in front of the fan and we'll walk him in early mornings and late afternoons.

I'm finally getting used to the way he looks, but I miss my Cailou.


  1. OMG! Poor pooch.

  2. We had a chow and had the same experience. We decided she would be more comfortable without all that hair during the summer. We took her to get a buzz cut. When I went to pick her up, I was just like you. I absolutely did not recognize her. Out of 12 or 13 summers, that was the only one in which she had to endure a summer cut.

  3. Oh, poor guy... :(

    Breaks my heart.

  4. Oh poor Caillou... I hope you'll keep us updated with pictures on how her new coat is growing. I'm sure it was a shock for her too. It might take her some time before she adjust to being bald.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Scotty, our Sheltie had one of those. He was a very quiet dog and appreciated the cool summer trim without the embarrassment. However, I didn't recognize him either!

  6. Sweet Cailou! Because I strongly believe dogs 'know', when my Caraleigh had an unfortunate cut I went overboard telling her what a pretty girl she was.

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    The groomer may call it a trim, but I call it a shame!!

  8. The last time I took Millie to the groomer, the office kept putting me off about picking her up. Finally, after hours of that nonesense, I told them I was on my way to get her. Minutes later I arrived. They made me wait a few more minutes. When they brought her out, her hair was short, that’s what I wanted, but...she didn’t seem to know me. She slept for two days. Didn’t eat. Didn’t go to the bathroom much. Someone said they must have drugged her. No one asked for my permission. There more to the story, but I’ll stop there.

  9. OH no! Ok I admit, I got a giggle out of this. Yes, they do get imbarrased. When we were kids, my brother used a magic marker and drew glasses on our Collie! She was a proud dog and it took days to get over the imbarrassment. Our neighbors dog hides in the garage for a few days after he is cut.

  10. Where is the beautiful collie????? OUCH The kid is nekkid! No wonder he is embarrassed! ;-)

  11. I have never seen this ever! When does a collie get shaved this way?? I wonder if the person who did this knew what they were doing...or thinking!

  12. I have read that shelties and collies have 2 coats. The outer coat actually protects them from the sun/heat. However, they are definitely not made for really hot climates like Alabama (or Texas and we have shelties). They stay in the air conditioned house most of the day anyway.

    1. Caillou stays inside too so he will be fine. We thought about the sun Issuu so we walk early but for the sun gets hot. Our backyard is shady after about noon so I think he will be OK.

  13. What a shock for you both! I hope he doesn't get sunburnt.


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