Sunday, May 06, 2018

Missing Ol' Buddy

We got out little dog Ol' Buddy from Jilda's mom in 2005. He was just a pup then. Ruby adored Ol' Buddy (she called him baby) but after she broke her leg, she knew he would not long be able to live with here. I wrote about this in a blog post that was one of the stories in my first book. It's called Ol' Buddy Changed My Mind.

He loved to ride in my truck. He was a rockstar at the bank drive-thru. All the tellers would come to the window each time we came through. They asked for his pawtagraph.

The little turd grew on me like no critter had done in many years. I wrote about him a number of times. I have hundreds of pictures of him but the one below is my favorite. 

Tomorrow will be five years since he got cancer and died. It broke my heart then. But I still smile every time I look at this picture. 


  1. I am glad that he can still tug on your heart strings and make you smile. I have known animals who wound their paws deep into my heart strings and took a piece of me with them when they left.

  2. Ahhhh, there are memories, but then there are DOG memories. AND as I have said many times, any dog that gets to ride in your truck knows they have won the lottery! ;-)

  3. As a lifelong dog mom, I understand. For me, it's Conan (Welsh corgi) and Brodie (Scottish terrier). I have loved and love all our dogs, and it does so break the heart when they pass on ~ but their memories live on and remembering their antics still spark a smile. Nice memorial for a cute pup!

  4. What a sweet countenance! After 5 years I, too, have learned to smile when I look at Caraleigh's photo.

  5. Anonymous5:14 PM

    We will never forget the dogs we have loved!!

  6. It is sad when we lose a beloved pet been many years since our dog "Dot Dot" passed away and we still miss her

  7. What a sweet face and I remember your posts about him. We have loved our dogs also and of course dear Eddy that belonged to our son but spent as much time here as with Jordan is still missed by us. However, our little Chubbs that we rescued really took our heart and losing him was so hard. He was a special guy.


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