Monday, May 14, 2018


Jilda and I got up before the morning sun rose above the trees to the east. The back was in shade. I'd pressure washed all the grunge off last weekend and allowed a week for the wood to back in the sun.

On Sunday morning it was ready. I'd bought two paint rollers with handles as long as a broom. Before starting, I took the leaf blower out there and blew any leaves, pollen, and dust that had settled onto the surface.

On the edge of the deck was what I thought was a brown butterfly. Jilda said she thought it was a moth. I did some Googling and the closest thing I could find was a Cecropia Moth. This critter was beautiful whatever it is.

I gently picked it up with a sheet of thin cardboard and shifted it from the floor to an azalea on the ground. It waved its wing in thanks.

We made sure work of rolling the water seal onto the deck and were finished before it got too hot.

Check another todo item off the list.


  1. Moths are frequently at least as beautiful as butterflies. And sometimes more so. This is a beauty.

  2. The wings resemble a butterfly but the body does look like a moth. Which ever it is absolutely beautiful.

  3. When the land, butterflies have their wings in closed position, moths wings stay open and spread. (We visited a Butterfly Farm in Aruba and now I am an expert.)

  4. Butterfly or moth ... it's exquisite!
    Great share, but now I realize we've another chore to add to our 'home-improvement' list.

  5. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Whatever it is, it's beautiful!!


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